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Calaview contact lenses

For people who'd like to accentuate their natural eye colour, without losing their natural style – check out Calaview coloured contact lenses. Developed especially for people who are happy with their eye colour, but would like a more intense effect from time to time. With these monthly lenses from Innova Vision, light and dark eyes shades can be intensified, for an expressive new look.

Calaview contact lenses are high quality lenses which provide comfort and optimal vision. But some good news for non-contact lens wearers: we also have non-prescription contact lenses from Calaview! So anyone can brighten their look with Hazel Brown, Jade Green, Pearl Gray, Sky Blue and Violet lenses available.

The manufacturer Innova Vision Inc. has been producing coloured contact lenses since 1994. Based in Taiwan, the company now has locations in 35 different countries. With their patented spin-casting method, Innova Vision create soft lenses with colour pigments carefully “spun into” the lens. The result is a highly smooth surface all-over. With a special printing technique, the iris pattern is applied evenly on top, leaving no protruding pigments. This painstaking process leads to a lens which is particularly resistant to dirt and deposits, which means Calaview lenses stay cleaner and more hygienic much longer. The process is just one example of the craftsmanship and expertise which goes into the making of Calaview contact lenses.

Don't forget to check out our bundle offers on Calaview contact lenses and lens care products. Save even more money when you order multiple packs of Calaview coloured lenses – so you can always have a new look for the next party!

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