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Arnette sports eyewear

Greg Arnet was and still is a surf maniac. So together with his son, Kip Arnet, in the 1990s he developed sports sunglasses especially for the surf and beach scene. From the outset Arnette sports eyewear was characterised by a distinct style, which not just surfers could appreciate. The label quickly became well-known and endorsed by celebrity fans like the Beastie Boys, Michael Jordan and Madonna. Cool Arnette sports eyewear is also now available at Mister Spex.

Arnette sports eyewear looks different. The unique design of Arnette sports eyewear has given the label cult status. Runners and cyclists are rarely seen wearing Arnettes. The label is more associated with surfers, skaters and the alternative side of sport. The design of Arnette sports eyewear might be avant-garde, but the standards of quality are traditional: only the best materials and production techniques are used. To ensure that their sunglasses stand up to the toughest demands and most difficult conditions, Arnette put their designs through rigorous testing for durability, before products reach the shops.

All Arnette sports eyewear is manufactured using scratch- and shock-resistant materials. Metal, acetate and Grilamid® – an especially light and robust plastic – are Arnette's weapons of choice. The lenses are made from polycarbonate and APX, a specially developed plastic which provides maximum performance with a minimum weight. Some models of Arnette sports eyewear also feature polarised lenses, for the highest levels of visual clarity.

The Arnette sports eyewear in the Mister Spex online store offers a wide variety of features, for your specific needs. Because of their stylish design, the models might look like they're better suited to sportswear fans, than sportsmen and women. Durability, 100% UV protection and outstanding optical performance, however, mean Arnette sports eyewear is the perfect equipment for many athletes.

If you're looking for proof, check out the The Score. Its sleek wrap-around shape and wide temples ensure that you're eyes are effectively shielded from the sun. Grey-tinted polarised lenses guarantee contrast-rich and glare-free vision, without affecting your natural colour perception. And to top it all off, the design of this Arnette sports eyewear means they look just as cool when it's time to hit a club.

Check out what's on offer in the Mister Spex range of Arnette sports eyewear. You can try on every model with our exclusive Online Fitting Tool. Then just place your order and let us deliver to your door. It couldn't be easier, with Mister Spex.

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Besides Arnette sports eyewear, our online store also features a range of sports eyewear from other brands.

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