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Contact Day 1 Easy Wear

Daily Disposable

Contact Contact Day 1 Easy Wear front view


  • 55% water content
  • super slim edge design
  • pleasant wearing comfort
  • no care products necessary
  • Water content: 55%<br>
  • Oxygen: 24 Dk/t<br>
  • Lenses diameter: 14,2 mm<br>
  • Base curve: 8.6<br>
  • Handling tint: Light Blue<br>
  • Powers available: +6.50D to -9.00D<br>
  • Usage instructions: Daily disposable lenses
  • Content: 30 contact lenses
  • Manufacturer: Wöhlk

Contact Day 1 Easy Wear Daily Disposable

Premium daily lenses, made in Germany

Contact Day 1 Easy Wear contact lenses are high quality soft daily lenses from the German contact lens manufacturer Wöhlk. In contrast to monthly or yearly lenses, daily lenses are thrown away once they have been used. Simply take a new pair out of the package as it is both practical and hygienic.

Single-use daily lenses are ideal for contact lenses wearers with sensitive eyes, allergies, and those who only wear contact lenses occasionally, like when playing sport or on a night out. Additionally, with daily disposable lenses you save yourself the effort of cleaning and storage. The material methafilcon A is gentle on sensitive eyes.

The revolutionary aspherical design of the Contact Day 1 Easy Wear contact lenses improves the channelling of light onto the retina, resulting in sharper, crystal clear vision. The aspherical shape can even correct mild astigmatism up to approximately -0.75D.

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