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Cooper Vision

Proclear EP

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Proclear Proclear EP front view
  • 60% water content
  • Multifocal lens

Proclear EP Monthly disposable

    Made by CooperVision, Proclear lenses are designed to stay hydrated all day. This makes themperfect for wearing for relatively long periods oftime. When it comes to Proclear EP contact lenses specifically, these are created for people whose eyes have become a little worse at reading and performing other close up work as part of the natural aging process. This is due to a condition known as 'presbyopia', and it is completely normal, usually happening after the age of 40.

    Wear your new set of Proclear EP lenses all the time, or just use them to vary your look instead of reading glasses at the weekends. All you need to do is tell us your prescription and wedo the rest.

    Here at Mister Spex, we can usually ship all contact lens orders within 24 hours. What could be easier when ordering ProclearEP?

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    Product number: 0323-3210-101

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    Correction values Your prescription details are the results of your last eye test. They comprise the following values: sphere (Sph), cylinder (Cyl), axis (A) and addition power (ADD). On all prescriptions you will find a sphere value. If you have astigmatism, you will also find values for cyl and A. Multi-focal lenses for presbyopia have an addition power (ADD).

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    * Sum of regular shop price for the frame and the recommended retail price (RRP) for two anti-reflective, scratch-resistant single vision plastic lenses (refraction index 1.5) no greater than sph. +6.0/-6.0 D; cyl. +2.0/-2.0 D.

    ** All frames include two anti-reflective, scratch-resistant single vision plastic lenses (refraction index 1.5) no greater than sph. +6.0/-6.0 D; cyl. +2.0/-2.0 D.

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