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Tortoiseshell sunglasses


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Discover cool tortoiseshell sunglasses at Mister Spex

Tortoiseshell glasses get their name from their striking, mottled appearance, which mimics that of real turtles. The tortoiseshell pattern traditionally features a combination of brown and black with splashes of yellow and honey, though nowadays there are countless variations when it comes to both colour and the finer points of frame style, ranging from extravagant, full-rim pink to the traditional colour scheme in browline style.

The tortoiseshell look from then to now

The tortoiseshell look first came on the scene back in the 1920’s. Alien as it is to modern sensibilities, the spectacles and other ornaments of the time used shell parts from real turtles. Needless to say, this practise has long since been outlawed and nowadays there are no need for ethical concerns: your tortoiseshell glasses from Mister Spex will be made of plastic or metal and without any living creature being harmed.

In any case, the true popularity of the tortoiseshell look can be dated to the 1950’s. As with so many styles, Ray-Ban were among the first to popularise the look, but alongside this household name you can find countless other top designers at Mister Spex, including:

  • Lacoste
  • Stella McCartney
  • Tom Ford
  • Burberry
  • Swarovski

Why tortoiseshell shades?

Fashions, like seasons, come and go, and in our times the tortoiseshell look has made a big comeback. tortoiseshell shades are ideal for those who value a cool look that also has a touch of vintage and retro chic.

Another appealing aspect of tortoiseshell frames is that, while the frames themselves are often large, bold and striking, the mixed colour scheme typical of the style is softer on the face than pure black or other solid colours. In this way, tortoiseshell sunglasses create a striking impression while also integrating themselves better with your complexion.

Life through a lens

You’ve browsed through the Mister Spex collection and found tortoiseshell frames that take your fancy. But what about the lenses? Navigating the possibilities can be a dizzying experience, but bearing a few key factors in mind will make the choice a lot easier.

Firstly, all sunglasses from Mister Spex feature high-quality plastic or mineral glass lenses with UV400 filter as standard. So no matter what look you want, your eyes will be ideally protected against harmful UV-radiation. Many of our sunglasses are also prescription-ready and some models are available as varifocals. Other options depends on lifestyle and personal preference:

Polarised lenses offer extra protection against glare and reflection

Gradient lenses, which block light coming from above while letting in more light from below, are a smart choice if you wear your sunglasses for everyday activities like driving

Photochromic, or self-tinting lenses, vary their tint in response to changing light conditions. Great if going from indoors to outdoors, or out biking in fields and forests

The shopping experience at Mister Spex

Once you’ve settled on a pair of great frames and chosen the lenses that best meet your needs, owning your new sunglasses is just a few simple steps away. Shopping at Mister Spex is both a fun and customer-friendly experience:

  • Online fitting tool and free 10-day home trial so you can try before you buy
  • Free returns and free delivery on all orders over £29.00
  • 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t totally satisfied
  • All sunglasses made from top quality materials and with UV400 filter as standard
  • Helpful and friendly customer service team to answer any queries you might have

Tempted by the tortoiseshell look? Then don’t waste time. Like the famous tortoise in the race, you have a head-start just by being here. So make the most of it and get browsing straight away!

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