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90s style narrow sunglasses

Trend Preview: Back to the 90s

Although summer is still a long way off, we are already taking a look at the sunglasses trends for the coming season. We see super slim designs that are reminiscent of the style of the 1990s and revive those days gone by.

Oval is the new round

Narrow, oval sunglasses replace round XL frames in the spring and summer of 2020 - and let us dream about our pop culture icons of the 90s again. The metal and plastic frames come in a variety of colours.

Back to the 90s

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Back to the 90s

A New Edge

Being square is so yesterday! The magic word of these narrow sunglasses is polygonal. The imaginative, polygonal plastic frames with extra wide temples and coloured black and white or even Havana are typical for this look.

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Trapeze artist

It seems these glasses can't decide. And that's a good thing, because they make our fashion hearts beat faster with their trapezoid shape, reminiscent of a mix of Wayfarer and the cat-eye design.

Back to the 90s

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Trend Preview: Sunglasses for the upcoming season

Winter hasn't started yet, but we'd like to take a look at the sunglasses trends for the 2020 spring and summer season. After all, anticipation is a wonderful thing and the warm, sunny days are bound to come.

Spring & Summer 2020 Sunglasses Trend

They originated from the 1990s, however they are now among the must-haves for the coming season: narrow sunglasses. The slim models are particularly versatile. Oval frames are just as much part of the must-have list as trapezoidal frames are with their sharp corners. The trend trio is rounded off by polygonal sunglasses.

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