Bloggers say: wear sunglasses!

This summer, we asked some of the UK and Ireland’s top fashion bloggers for their opinion of which sunglasses will be the ultimate fashion accessory this season. World famous producer and director Baz Luhrmann gave us the inspiration for this campaign, with his speech to the class of ’99 which had the simple message: “wear sunscreen”. He continued to give the class advice for later life, telling them what he believes will be important to remember in the years to come. With the importance of looking after your eyes and following Mr. Luhrmann’s excellent example, we asked the UK and Ireland’s top fashion bloggers to tell us which sunglasses they think will be important for summer 2011.

They cast their expert eyes over our huge range of designer sunglasses and chose what they considered to be the most important fashion statement for this summer. “Advice, like youth, is probably just wasted on the young” was from the sunscreen song, but here at Mister Spex you can see the top bloggers’ choices and follow their advice. They spent days deliberating and choosing from the entire range on our site. You can see photos of all the bloggers here modelling their choice for the best sunglasses for summer 2011. These guys certainly know what they are talking about and have chosen a range of styles, from the flamboyant to the classic. So if you do nothing else this summer, take some good advice; bloggers say: wear sunglasses!

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