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Polarised sunglasses: enhanced vision for an active lifestyle

Polarised sunglasses are true multitaskers in the world of protective eyewear. They reduce reflection, enhance contrast and protect your eyes . Many athletes wear polarised sunglasses. Bikers and inline skaters use them for improved vision in wet conditions; skiers and snowboarders enjoy greater safety in the snow; hikers and anglers rely on them for optimal UV protection. Discover polarised sunglasses tailored to your personal style at Mister Spex.

Why choose polarised sunglasses?

Polarising filters are used in glasses, displays, camera lenses and many scientific fields. In polarised sunglasses, these filters reduce the sun's reflections on surfaces such as water, glass or metal. To put it in technical terms, they work by filtering rays of light with a certain angle of incidence and reflection out of the spectrum. Crucially, high-quality polarised sunglasses will also have an adequate UV filter that will prevent damage to the eyes.

Which activities are polarised sunglasses best for?

Polarised sunglasses especially benefit water sports enthusiasts. When sailing, you will be able to recognise structures under water more clearly, such as reefs for example. That's because polarised sunglasses will compensate for reflecting light on the water's surface. Fishing enthusiasts have long been fans of polarised sunglasses: if the sun hits the water's surface at a slant, polarised sunglasses will make it easier to detect the movements of fish swimming just below. Skiers and snowboarders also reap huge benefits from wearing polarised sunglasses; they can see higher levels of contrast, which dramatically improves safety and performance on the slopes.

How much UV protection should polarised sunglasses provide?

The highest possible UV protection is a must. The decisive factor in determining the level of UV protection is not the intensity of tint, as is commonly thought. UV filters are applied in addition to the tint on lenses. Look for a filter designated as UV 400, as this will filter light with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers and give you maximum protection from UV light.

How does the online fitting tool work at Mister Spex?

Polarised sunglasses are not only practical, they're also trendy. With the online fitting tool at Mister Spex, you can immediately try on different models virtually in 3D. Upload an existing photo, or take one with your webcam. No matter where your busy life takes you, you can quickly try on your favourite frames, any time you like. Enlist the feedback of your friends by sharing photos from your virtual try-on session on Facebook. You'll soon feel confident about which polarised sunglasses are the top picks for you.

What are the advantages of ordering online from Mister Spex?

Found your ideal sunglassesDiscover the many advantages of ordering online from Mister Spex:

  • Free delivery on purchases over £29.00

  • 30-day money back guarantee if you're not happy for any reason

  • Large selection of brand-name styles at competitive prices

  • Excellent customer service, always knowledgeable and friendly

  • Prescription lenses available for many models

Whether on the slopes, on the water, or on the road, enjoy being active outdoors without irritating glare from the sun. Buy a pair of polarised sunglasses from Mister Spex and discover what you've been missing!

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