TrueLens, our own innovation from Mister Spex, introduces high quality contact lenses in collaboration with renowned manufacturers. Two years of intensive development have resulted in unbeatable value for money. Shop with ease from your home via our online store and embrace the freedom to focus on what truly matters - TrueLens has got you covered, promising clear sight and ultimate comfort.

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Our daily lenses

from TrueLens provide complete flexibility, making them ideal for those who wear contact lenses on an occasional basis. Designed for daily wear (8 to 15 hours), these lenses should be discarded after use. However, our commitment to the environment remains steadfast, as all TrueLens daily lenses are produced with plastic neutrality in mind¹.


Our monthly lenses

are the ideal option if you are a frequent or daily wearer. TrueLens monthly lenses provide you with comfortable vision in the digital daily grind and under any light conditions, lasting up to 30 days. To ensure a comfortable fit throughout the month, proper maintenance and cleaning are essential.

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True Lens
True Lens

Fancy contact lenses but still curious? We're on hand to assist you in selecting the perfect lenses for your requirements, demonstrate the correct way to look after and store them, offer advice and techniques for fitting and taking them out, and provide support for any discomfort you might experience.


Looking after your contact lenses

properly is essential for clear vision and a safe, comfortable fit. At TrueLens, we’ve got just the right care solution for every lens type and your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly, we provide toric lenses for both daily and monthly use. Within our selection, the Platinum Daily Toric and the Platinum Monthly Toric lenses would be the most suitable options for your needs.

Indeed, we provide multifocal lenses for monthly use. Within our assortment, the Platinum Daily Multifocal and the Platinum Monthly Multifocal lenses would be the ideal choices for your requirements.

Absolutely, all our products bear the CE mark, thereby ensuring compliance with European standards for health, safety, and environmental protection.

TrueLens is produced in collaboration with world-leading contact lens manufacturers.

TrueLens is the proprietary brand of Mister Spex, Europe's leading online optician. Thanks to our streamlined processes and efficiencies across manufacturing, delivery, and customer service, we're able to extend the benefits of cost savings directly to you.

Absolutely, if you're aware of your prescription details, ordering TrueLens is straightforward. You can begin experimenting with TrueLens for as little as £9.95 through our trial lenses option.

Yes, of course. We offer a comprehensive optician service in all our Mister Spex stores. Here you'll find an overview of all stores and can directly book an appointment for your fitting.

TrueLens is Mister Spex's exclusive in-house brand, meticulously crafted over two years in partnership with leading global manufacturers.

When ordering on, you can simply indicate that you would like to receive TrueLens on a subscription basis. As soon as your current supply is running low, the contact lenses are automatically reordered. You can easily set the interval yourself. From the second delivery, you also save 10%. The subscription is flexible and can be ended at any time upon your request. Unsubscription is done through your Mister Spex customer account.

2-3 working days. Should you place your order before 2 pm, your contact lenses will be sent out on the same day.

The delivery fee is £3.90. Orders exceeding £29.00 qualify for complimentary shipping.

1) Plastic neutrality is achieved when a company (or individual) recovers and recycles the same amount of plastic it uses or produces. TrueLens Premium and Platinum Daily contact lenses, in partnership with Plastic Bank®, are helping to stop plastic waste from polluting the oceans. Our plastic use is offset through the Certified Plastic Neutral programme. The same amount of plastic used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for disposable contact lenses, blisters and outer packaging is collected from beaches and coastal areas by the Plastic Bank® and recycled before it can pollute the sea.


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