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Many of Mister Spex's own brands offer impressive sustainable designs that combine a high level of wearing comfort with excellent quality. Quality is always our top priority - whether in exclusive collaborations or in the development of classic and modern frames. When choosing a pair of glasses, you can select high-quality lenses including UV filters, super anti-reflective coating, and hard coating refinement or choose from a range of other additional features. This means that when you buy a pair of Mister Spex glasses, what you get is not only the perfect modern design, but also excellent quality at an affordable price.

Sunglasses Assortments

The sustainable collection from Mister Spex CO CO - Contemporary Conscious - is perfect for trendsetters. The collection reflects current trends and impresses with its clear, minimalistic designs and sustainable production using organic acetate. You will find sunglasses that emphasise your personality within the Aspect by Mister Spex collection. Classic designs are combined with functional elements and high-quality details. Black sunglasses complement almost all styles and personalities. You can combine black frames with colourful lenses to complement your summer outfits or keep it classic with a minimalist model. There are no limits to your imagination. With trendy black sunglasses with the right UV protection, you'll always keep your eyes healthy. Are you looking for sunglasses in a classic design that can be combined with almost any outfit? With black sunglasses, you're on the right track. Regardless of whether they are made of plastic or metal, select a model with a classic frame and clear lines to show off your style. For women's sunglasses, extravagant oversized and cat eye sunglasses in gold and pink are the perfect accessory. Round, square, or frameless sunglasses with dark, striking designs are on trend for men. Do you want to take it up a notch? Why not try a pair of black sunglasses with colourful, mirrored lenses or opt for frames with gemstones or sequins?

Sunglasses Advice & Recommendation

To make it easier for you to find your new glasses, we recommend that you use the filters in the left navigation bar to tailor your choice of models to your preferences. Tip: find the right glasses in just a few clicks using the Mister Spex filter options. Face shape: here you will find frames that suit and highlight the shape of your face. You have the option of filtering for round, square, heart-shaped or oval faces. Find out which frames suit you best in the frame selection guide. Which types of sunglasses are available? Sunglasses for men and women come in many different varieties. The difference lies in the lens tint or coating. Classic sunglasses: the classics among sunglasses are available from various brands and in different designs, usually with a tint of 85 percent in green, grey or brown. This "simple tint" offers optimal UV protection. Mister Spex also offers "original lens colour" for many of our models. This means that the lens colour is adapted to the original lens colour. No matter which tints you choose, you will always be well protected from any UV exposure. Polarised sunglasses: driving on a wet road or doing winter can cause glaring light reflections. Unlike their classic counterparts, polarised sunglasses can reduce these reflections. They feature a polarisation filter that absorbs the reflected light. This means you can enjoy good visibility even in conditions caused by glare from the sun or snow. It is important that the sunglasses fit properly, so that protection from the sun's rays from the side is guaranteed. Phototropic sunglasses: phototropic sunglasses are self-tinting glasses. This means that the lenses darken depending on the level of UV rays and the temperature. They are transparent when you are indoors and are dark when you are in direct sunlight. The advantage of this is that you can comfortably wear your sunglasses all day and no longer have to switch between normal glasses and sunglasses. At Mister Spex, you have the option of ordering all glasses and glazable sunglasses with self-tinting lenses. Mirrored sunglasses: mirrored sunglasses are completely transparent from the outside. From the inside, they have an anti-reflective coating like other glasses. Mirrored sunglasses were mainly used in winter sports in the past. Nowadays, they also enjoy growing popularity in daily life because of their unique, enigmatic look, which is further enhanced by coatings in bright and gaudy colours. The mirror coating not only has a fashionable effect, but they also protect the eyes from glare reflections and thus ensure optimal vision. Sunglasses with prescription: if you wear glasses, we recommend sunglasses in your prescription. Again, you have a wide choice of frames from different brands such as Ray Ban, Hilfiger, Oakley, or Prada. It is important that the model is not overly curved, is made of a material that is suitable for glazing and that the lenses are of an optimal size. Some frames are only suitable for lenses up to certain values. At Mister Spex, you can choose between three different lens qualities: standard, comfort and premium. Also: sunglasses with prescription are recommend for contact lenses wearers. They relieve the eyes and prevent irritation. This gives you the option of not using your contact lenses on sunny days.

The right sunglasses for your face shape

Are you buying sunglasses for the first time, or would you like to try something different? Are you still unsure about which frame is right for you? To make a preliminary selection, it is useful to take your face shape as a reference guide. Your face shape can help you decide which frames are right for you: Heart-shaped face: sunglasses frames that are curved upwards, such as cat-eye or butterfly models, are a perfect fit for heart-shaped faces. You can also go for round and oval sunglasses, and the choice of colour is entirely up to you. However, you should stay away from sunglasses with wide and flashy temples. Round face: if you have rounded face, then go with narrow frames that make your face look slimmer. Square face: the opposite applies to square faces. In this case, you should go for round or oval frames to add depth. Frames in subtle colours offer additional elegance. Oval face: Is your face oval in shape? In general, any shape of glasses will suit you. But in this case make sure that the glasses suit you and your personality. Not only the shape of the face is decisive for which sunglasses "suit you", for you to be happy with your chosen model in the long term, you should make sure that it matches your style. If you are an outgoing person who likes to stand out, opt for lenses and frames in bright colours. For more discreet people, subtle glasses are usually more suitable. Of course, you can also use sunglasses to create interesting contrasts, but your new glasses should always suit your personality, so that you feel comfortable wearing them.

Benefits of shopping at Mister Spex

You can try on Mister Spex glasses from the comfort and convenience of your own home. With our practical virtual try-on service, you can test out which frames suit you right on your computer screen. You can simply try on each pair of glasses online by using a photo or your webcam. You also have the option of taking an eye test with one of our partner opticians. You can browse through our wide range of Mister Spex glasses online on our website and easily find your favourite pair. And with Mister Spex sunglasses, we also offer tinted lenses in matching colours for many models, that look just like the original sunglasses lenses. You can order up to 4 pairs of glasses to try on at home free of charge, and then we will send your choice of glasses without prescription to your home within 1 to 3 working days free of shipping costs. As soon as the glasses are delivered to you, you have 10 days to try them on without obligation. If you like one of the glasses you ordered, you can simply enter your prescription values online and receive your new glasses within 5-13 days. At Mister Spex, ordering is risk-free, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to return your glasses free of charge and receive a full refund. Shipping costs and returns are always free of charge and fast.


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