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Free home trial for glasses

1. All benefits at a glance:

  • Try up to 4 pairs of glasses obligation free
  • 10-day free trial period
  • Find the perfect glasses for you, quickly and easily
  • Free shipping & returns

2. How does the home trial work?

1.Order 4 pairs of glasses at no cost:
Select up to 4 pairs and click "Try on at home" from the product page. We'll send you the frames within 2-4 working days, to your home or office.

2.Try glasses on at home for up to 10 days:
Once the glasses arrive, you have 10 days to try them on, commitment-free. This way you're able to consult with family and friends on which frames best suit you, all from the comfort of your home.

3.Send the glasses back to us, free of charge:
After the 10-day period, simply attach the enclosed return label to the box and send them back at no cost to you.

4.Order your desired glasses with your prescription:
Found the perfect pair? Then you can easily use the enclosed form to let us know which glasses you'd like to have your prescription applied to. Simply include your prescription details. You'll receive your new glasses, fitted with your lenses, in 6-14 working days.


What does the home trial cost?

For the home trial there are no costs: The shipping, the 10-day glasses trial period as well as the return shipping are, as a matter of principle, free of charge.
Only when you select "Payment with credit card" as payment method, will we place a hold on your account in the amount of the total item value. This hold is removed as soon as the glasses return to us. Only when you surpass the 10-day period, would the funds be debited from your account.

How long can I try the glasses at home?

As soon as the glasses arrive, you have 10 days to carefully try on the frames. The trial period ends only when the glasses return to us; therefore, please be conscious of return shipment times, allowing 5-7 working days to have them reach us in Germany.

What happens when I surpass the 10-day period?

Should the frames not arrive back at Mister Spex 18 days after the order placement, the frames are considered to be purchased. Should the articles already be on the way to us, please wait for the return confirmation for us to correct the invoicing on your account. Generally speaking, the outstanding balance will then be invalidated.

When does the 30-day Money Back Guarantee period begin?

For the home trial, once your 10-day trial period ends, the 30-day return period begins. Within 30 days you are of course able to send the products back to Mister Spex and have your money refunded.

A sum was charged to my credit card. What now?

If the value of your items was charged to your credit card, most likely we did not receive the items within the 10 day period. As soon as the glasses reach us, the sum will be promptly refunded to your credit card. If you requested to have your prescription placed into one of the frames, we will calculate the corrected amount due and return the difference.

Which lenses are in the home trial glasses?

Simple, prescription-free plastic lenses, typically with manufacturer logo. As soon as you have decided on a pair, you can have these fitted with your individual correction values, using the return form in the package. We will send you then a new pair, using quality lenses with your corrective strength.

When do I receive the glasses with my prescription?

Once you've decided on a frame, first send us back all glasses from your home trial. After validating your glazing order, it will take between 6-14 workdays, and you will receive your new glasses with your prescription.

Our tip: In order to receive your new glasses as quickly as possible, you can place a new, separate order directly. In doing so you save around 2-3 workdays shipping time and 1-3 days processing with our returns department.

Can I also try sunglasses at home?

Unfortunately this offer is extended only to our range of prescription glasses and excludes sunglasses. You can, of course, place a normal order and try out the sunglasses with the security of the 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Return the sunglasses free of defects/damage within this period and have the value of the item returned to you.

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