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Weekly lenses: long wearing time at reasonable prices

Do you place value on good contact lens hygiene and yet want to take advantage of the financial benefits of reusable lenses? Then weekly lenses are exactly the right choice for you. On the one hand, you will have a higher standard of hygiene than with monthly lenses due to the more frequent replacement. On the other hand, weekly contact lenses and monthly lenses are generally cheaper than daily lenses.

The lenses are replaced every 14 days. In between you have full wearing comfort. In principle, any contact lens wearer can wear weekly lenses, even for astigmatism and presbyopia. However, the range of different curvatures and diameters is not quite as wide as with monthly lenses or daily disposables. Find out here what you should pay attention to when choosing your weekly lenses.

How long may I wear the weekly contact lenses? Weekly lenses can be worn for two weeks. The calculation is made from the time you open the packet. Under no circumstances should you wear the lenses longer than this. They will wear out - and if you continue to use them, they can damage your eyes. In addition, after a while deposits form that can cause inflammation. It is therefore essential that you adhere to the wearing time specified by the manufacturer.

Benefit for sensitive eyes: new lenses every two weeks

Some people have more sensitive eyes than others. With contact lenses, the protein deposition that occurs during the course of a day is often a factor that limits the comfort of wearing them. It is therefore important to clean your lenses correctly.

Remove the lenses with clean hands, rinse them with a care solution and then place them in the containers filled with the cleaning solution. Here the lenses should remain for between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the solution used. You will receive the contact lens case free of charge when you order your weekly contact lenses. An advantage of weekly contact lenses: as the period of use is shorter than for monthly lenses, not as many proteins are deposited. A separate protein removal is therefore usually not necessary.

Tip: weekly lenses represent a compromise between daily and monthly lenses: they are cheaper than daily lenses and are replaced at two-week intervals. Therefore, by definition, they provide better contact lens hygiene.

How to find the right weekly lenses?

As with all contact lenses, you should first have a professional fitting done by your optician or ophthalmologist. In addition to the correct prescription, these include the lens diameter (DIA) and the base curve (BC). Furthermore, a specialist will determine whether you need a special type of contact lens (Toric or multifocal) or, for example, if you have sensitive eyes, you should change the wearing period or, for example, silicone hydrogel contact lenses. Only if all values are correct, the lens fits optimally for your needs and potential eye damage is prevented.

Mister Spex offers a large selection of weekly lenses

In general, the range of weekly lenses is not as varied as with daily lenses or monthly lenses. In our online shop you will find many contact lenses models especially from the manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. If you have regular visual impairment, for example, you can opt for popular spherical Acuvue Oasys weekly lenses from the brand manufacturer. For eyes with astigmatism, the so-called astigmatism, we also have the matching weekly contact lenses from Johnson & Johnson in our range: the Acuvue Oasys for astigmatism and the Acuvue Oasys Advance. You suffer from presbyopia? Then the Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia are the right weekly contact lenses for you. With these you can achieve the effect of varifocals - without annoying edges or transitions.

Your advantages with Mister Spex

At Mister Spex you can discover a large selection of weekly contact lenses online. You benefit from our comprehensive service:

  • Very short delivery times

  • Cheap weekly lenses with which you can save up to 40%

  • Free customer service hotline for enquiries

  • Free contact lens case with every order


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