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Buy a new pair of Oakley sunglasses online at Mister Spex

If you are in the market for a pair of functional and sporty sunglasses, trust Oakley, one of the leading names in the sunglasses industry. With modern, durable designs, the name Oakley has become synonymous with sunglasses. Whether it be a pair of sunnies for ski-ing and outdoor sports or sleek, chic, fashionable shades for a forthcoming holiday, Oakley has got it.

Oakley sunglasses for men and women

For many, when they think of sunglasses, they think of Oakley. Known for their sporty and modern designs, Oakley sunglasses are the ideal choice for those who want function and fashion. The creative minds at Oakley are constantly testing new materials and coming up with designs that inspire. Oakley sunglasses are particularly popular with outdoor athletes such as skiers, water sportsmen and women, as well as boat enthusiasts, as Oakley sunglasses are known for their durability and performance quality.

But it is not only functionality that makes Oakley sunglasses special. Fashionable men and women also turn to the Oakley brand. Oakley designs have been seen in a number of blockbuster films including 'Mission Impossible II', 'Blade II' and, most notably, the 'X-Men' series.

Keep your eyes safe, in style

Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, though. We need sunglasses to shield our eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays emitted from the sun. Only high-quality lenses can deliver the right amount of protection, and every pair of Oakley sunglasses from Mister Spex is fitted with tempered, durable lenses that effectively ward off UV rays. No matter what pair of Oakley frames you choose, wear them with confidence, knowing your eyes are protected.

Hundreds of Oakley designs for men and women

We at Mister Spex offer a selection of Oakley sunglasses that is extensive and varied. Shop for sunglasses in every style, shape and colour. Here are just a few of the Oakley designs we offer:

Whether it be a sporty pair of Flak sunglasses in white for outdoor adventures or sophisticated and timeless Latch tortoise shell frames, let your style dazzle with Oakley sunglasses.

Find the ideal pair of Oakley sunglasses frames for you

Our convenient product sorting and filtering make online shopping easy. Do you have a specific frame in mind? Search for it directly and then decide which colour frames and lenses you want. Do you already know which colour you want but are not yet sure what shape? Use our colour filter to choose one or more colours for frames, lenses or both. Are you interested in a certain shape for your sunglasses? Try our glasses shape filter. Click it and you will only be shown Oakley sunglasses that fit that profile. Are you open to all possibilities? Then we have just the filter for you! Try our face shape filter to find a flattering pair of Oakleys. Decide what face shape best represents yours (oval, round, heart or square), activate the filter and we will display frames that are sure to flatter.

Next Stop: the Virtual Try-On

After using our filters to find a few pairs that you like best, it is time to step into the virtual try-on. This innovative feature allows you to virtually put as many pairs of Oakley sunglasses on as your like. No more need to wonder what it will look like! Using this tool is quick and easy:

1) Select your favourite Oakley sunglasses and use the icon on the right-hand side to activate the virtual try-on tool

2) Upload a picture of yourself. You can also take one with your webcam

3) Align the virtual glasses onto your image

And that is it! You have the option of sharing your new look on Facebook to get feedback from your friends and help you make the right decision. Ordering sunglasses online has never been easier. Shop with absolute confidence, right from your desk or sofa! Since you are shopping from home, you can try on any number of Oakley sunglasses at any hour of the day or night. Now that’s convenience!

Lens options for Oakley sunglasses

Once you have picked a pair (or two) of fashionable Oakley sunglasses, the next step in the ordering process is to choose which lenses you would like. As mentioned above, every pair of Mister Spex sunglasses is fitted with high-quality tempered lenses. You do, though, have a few different options for your new Oakley sunglasses:

Classic Lenses: these are included in the price of your new Oakley sunglasses. They are durable lenses and coated with a special UV filter as well as an anti-reflective treatment.

Polarised lenses: these are a must for those with light-sensitive eyes as well as anyone who does a lot of outdoor sports, especially on snow or water. Polarised sunglasses offer a high level of protection from harmful UV rays and are extremely effective at blocking reflection and glare.

Mirrored lenses: this option delivers another level of reflection protection. The coating that creates the mirrored effect also makes the lenses non-transparent, meaning you will look great and have little to no trouble with glare!

Need prescription lenses? We've got Oakley frames for you

For those who wear prescription glasses every day, prescription sunglasses are a must. Many Oakley sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses. Use the handy filter to find out which pairs are eligible. If you opt for prescription lenses, simply enter in your prescription details during the ordering process. It is as simple as that.

You can also upgrade your prescription lenses to colour-changing, photochromic lenses. These self-tinting lenses gradually change colour as the sunlight hits them. The best part is they absorb 100% of UVA and UVB rays, making them not only a practical but also a healthy option for your eyes.

Sporty, modern, fashionable: Oakley sunglasses

Take your time and browse our impressive collection of Oakley sunglasses from the comfort of your own home. Save time and hassle by shopping online with our innovative filters and tools. Whether your style is classic and chic or sporty and fresh, you can find just the perfect pair of Oakley sunglasses online at Mister Spex.

We offer our customers free delivery on all orders. All orders are packaged by us and we ship them directly to you. Once you have received your package, if you are dissatisfied in any way, you can take advantage of our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Simply return your purchase and either select a new pair of Oakleys from our online store or ask for a full refund.

We want you to be happy with our services and your purchases. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please get in touch with our reliable and friendly customer service team. We are always just a phone call or an email away.

Choose Mister Spex when shopping for Oakley sunglasses online and enjoy the following:

  • Hundreds of Oakley sunglasses to choose from

  • Free delivery on all orders when you buy sunglasses online with Mister Spex

  • Money back guarantee

  • Pay via encrypted connection using your favourite payment method

  • Attractive, fair and competitive prices

  • Get flattering frames for your face shape thanks to our filters and try-on tool

  • Anti-reflective lenses with UV filter included in the price

  • Prescription lenses available on many models

  • Top-notch customer service, happy to answer all questions

  • Buy your dream pair of Oakley sunglasses online from Mister Spex today!


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