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Daily contact lenses are a fantastic alternative to glasses. If you normally wear glasses but want to change your look for a day, reach for daily contact lenses. Since they are only meant to be worn for one day, you don't need to worry about care or maintenance, making daily lenses are great choice for sports, swimming or special occasions.

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There are many reasons why spectacle wearers prefer to leave their glasses behind for a day or two. Some people are looking for a visual change for a specific look or occasion, others prefer sports without glasses, while some simply prefer to wear contact lenses now and then. Daily lenses are an optimal choice for committed glasses wearers who occasionally want to switch it up. Daily contact lenses are comfortable to wear and are a great alternative to monthly lenses as they are only meant for one-day use. With Mister Spex, you can order daily contact lenses from the best names in the business, conveniently online from your own home. Read on to find out what to consider when shopping for your new daily contact lenses. Find out:

  • What are the benefits of daily contact lenses?

  • What types of day lenses are available?

  • Why do I need a contact lens fitting?

Daily contact lenses: the advantages at a glance

What are the benefits of daily contact lenses?

Anyone who wears contact lenses can, in principle, also use daily contact lenses. Daily lenses, though, are perfect for occasional contact lens wearers as they are the ideal alternative to your trusty pair of glasses. Daily lenses are particularly great on the days you play sport, are on holiday, go swimming or on a big day when you prefer to not wear glasses. One of the greatest perks of daily lenses, especially in comparison to monthly lenses, is that neither maintenance nor special cleaning materials are necessary. You simply take a new, fresh pair every day, or for every occasion, and throw the pair away once the day is done. Save yourself the time needed for cleaning and disinfecting. Daily lenses are also great for those concerned about hygiene: since you only use them once, there is no risk of contamination or your lenses getting dirty. Daily lenses are great for those who want to remain flexible.

What types of daily lenses are available?

Finding the right daily contact lenses depends greatly on your eyesight and the natural structure of your eyes.

  • Spherical daily lenses:

Spherical daily lenses are suitable for correction of myopia (shortsightedness) or hyperopia (longsightedness). These lenses bundle light beams on the retina of the eye, depending on how strong or weak your prescription is. By doing this, the so-called focal point is aligned to provide clear, crisp vision. In the case of shortsightedness, the focal point is realigned in front of the retina, so the spherical surface of the adhesive shells is curved inwards. For longsightedness, the focal point lies behind the retina, so the spherical shell bulges accordingly outwards.

  • Toric daily lenses:

A corneal curvature (astigmatism) leads to imaging errors on the retina. Light beams do not concentrate in one focal point, but are distributed across the whole retina, causing images to be blurry. Toric lenses help to correct this deformation of the cornea, allowing the wearer to experience clear vision. Please be aware that toric daily contact lenses should prescribed by an optician, as it is vital that they sit properly in order to prevent eye damage.

  • Multifocal daily lenses:

With increasing age the eyes begin to lose their elasticity. Most people over the age of forty can attest to the problem of not being able to read books, labels or newspapers as easily as they once did. This problem is easily fixed with reading glasses, but if you happen to be shortsighted as well, your eyes then need a correction for both near and far distances. In this case, multifocal lenses are the answer for you.

Why do I need a contact lens fitting?

Daily contact lenses can comfortably be worn for about eight to fifteen hours before disposal. Daily lenses are specially made to be comfortable for this amount of time, and users generally adapt to them quite quickly. However, it is important to consult your optician or ophthalmologist for an individual adjustment to make sure that your eyes are not exposed to any risk.

Especially if you have never worn contact lenses before, you need to seek advice from a licensed optician or ophthalmologist. He or she can provide you important information about fit and care of your lenses, and help you avoid eye irritation and even severe eye damage. What is more, you will need a different prescription for contact lenses. This is because daily contact lenses sit directly on your eyes, so they require different prescription values to eyeglasses.

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Are you already a contact lens wearer and would just like to try daily lenses for a change? Have you already visited an optician and know your prescription? In that case, choose from our great online selection of daily contact lenses, online with Mister Spex. Whether it be Focus Dailies from Alcon/Ciba Vision, the 1-Day Acuvue Moist from Johnson & Johnson or the Proclear 1 Day from Cooper Vision, you will find all the most popular brands in our online shop. Decide on a 30-count box if you want to try a new brand, or go ahead and order a 90-count box if you know your brand and want to save some money.

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