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Buying glasses online is easy at Mister Spex. Have you got your eye set on new frames, but don't feel like running to different opticians to try out your favourite frames? There's good news for you: buying glasses is much easier nowadays, right from the comfort of your home. You can easily browse through eyewear for both men and women in the Mister Spex online shop. For most glasses wearers, prescription glasses with single-vision lenses are recommended. You can find glasses from many popular brands at Mister Spex, including more than 3,000 models to choose from. Whether you're looking for modern glasses with prescription from our low-priced own brand collection, or trendy women's glasses, available in original shapes and fun colours. At Mister Spex, you will always find what you are looking for at unbeatable prices.

Glasses Assortments

Rimless glasses are elegant and classy. They are suitable for both men and women. Thanks to lightweight synthetic lenses, rimless glasses for higher prescription values are also available. In addition to elevated style, the lightness of rimless glasses is another decisive criterion for choosing such a model. If you are often on the move - for example on business trips - the light weight helps to ensure a high level of wearing comfort. Blue light filter glasses are made for those who spend a lot of time in front of a screen every day. Our glasses with blue light filter technology help relax your eyes - even over a long period of time. Black is and always will be the ultimate classic, it's a versatile colour that can be paired up with any style. Be it sporty, modern, elegant, or extravagant, black frames are always the perfect accessory. The collection at Mister Spex offers hundreds of black eyewear models that are unique in designs with excellent workmanship.

Sunglasses Advice & Recommendation

To make it easier for you to find your new glasses, we recommend that you use the filters in the left navigation bar to tailor your choice of models to your preferences. Tip: find the right glasses in just a few clicks using the Mister Spex filter options. Face shape: here you will find frames that suit and highlight the shape of your face. You have the option of filtering for round, square, heart-shaped or oval faces. Find out which frames suit you best in the frame selection guide. Glasses width: filter the models according to the width of your head. Note: The glasses should not be wider or narrower than your face. Extravagant models for fashion reasons are the exceptions. If you already have glasses that fit well, you can measure the width along the upper frame line and enter it directly in millimetres. To do this, simply click on the ruler shown below the filter. If you are unsure which frame width is ideal for you, you can find some helpful tips in our service section. Glasses shape: if you prefer a particular shape, you can select it here. If you are unsure what suits you best, we recommend filtering by your face shape instead. Frame type: this filter sorts models by rimless, full rim or half rim. Rimless glasses are very subtle and ideal for minimalistic looks. Full rim glasses are the classic option, but can also function as an eye-catching, trendy accessory due to the wide range of colour and shape options. You can choose from two types of half rim glasses. Glasses with a lower half rim are often used as reading glasses. Upper half rims provide a contemporary edge but are more discreet than full rims. Colour: match the colour of your glasses to your hair and eyes. Lighter hair individuals will look good in golden, brown, or muted colours, while darker hair individuals are more suitable for stronger tones. Material: if you are looking for a specific frame material, this filter will help you. Frames made of plastic are comfortable to wear and offer a wide range of shapes and colours. Metal, titanium, or carbon, on the other hand, are best with classic looks, they are also extremely robust and can be made into very thin frames.

Benefits of shopping at Mister Spex

You can try on Mister Spex glasses from the comfort and convenience of your own home. With our practical virtual try-on service, you can test out which frames suit you right on your computer screen. You can simply try on each pair of glasses online by using a photo or your webcam. You also have the option of taking an eye test with one of our partner opticians. You can browse through our wide range of Mister Spex glasses online on our website and easily find your favourite pair. And with Mister Spex sunglasses, we also offer tinted lenses in matching colours for many models, that look just like the original sunglasses lenses. At Mister Spex, ordering is risk-free, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to return your glasses free of charge and receive a full refund.


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