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Contact lens wearers know the problem: you just want to relax a little and take a nap and your eyes protest. Even if you only fall asleep for a short time, redness and an unpleasant dry feeling appear. During longer periods of rest - for example, because you have forgotten to take your contact lenses off overnight after a long day - the risk of irritation and infection to the eyes increases. The solution: The new day and night lenses are easy to wear around the clock and keep your eyes healthy.

How Continuous Wear works

Day and night lenses are contact lenses that are worn in the eye during the day and at night. This is made possible by the unique silicone hydrogel: its development a few years ago gave rise to a new generation of contact lenses that not only give you an incomparably comfortable wearing experience, even with eyes prone to dryness, but also allow you to wear soft weekly or monthly lenses continuously. At up to 98%, the innovative material transports significantly more oxygen to the cornea than conventional lenses. Thanks to its low water content, it prevents the eye from drying out, while additional wetting agents keep the natural tear film stable. This integrated moisture reservoir also keeps your eyes pleasantly fresh while you sleep.

Of course, day and night lenses can also be worn only during the day and removed in the evening. The lenses should then be cleaned as usual and stored in a container overnight. They can then be inserted as usual the next day.

Who are day & night lenses suitable for?

Day & night lenses are a practical alternative to conventional lenses for shift work or when travelling on holiday. However, before wearing them, you should ask your ophthalmologist whether there is anything against wearing them permanently. People with dry and/or particularly sensitive eyes may not tolerate day & night lenses so well. And even if you don't experience any problems when wearing them, you should visit your ophthalmologist regularly for a check-up. Day & night lenses can increase the risk of conjunctivitis or eye irritation due to the long wearing time. In general, contact lenses should always be fitted by an optician or ophthalmologist.

Maximum comfort, minimum effort - your benefits:

  • Extended wearing time

  • More flexibility

  • Less cleaning effort

  • Immediate, clear vision

The maximum wearing time of conventional contact lenses is between 10 and 14 hours - this extended wearing time of overnight wear offers unimagined flexibility: going out for long periods, spontaneous overnight stays or short holidays are no longer a problem. You can throw yourself fully into life without having to plan ahead. Even professionals who previously had to do without the comfort of lenses can wear them without hesitation: Long shifts on call, as is common in the healthcare sector, previously made it difficult to wear contact lenses; this becomes quite simple with the practical day and night lenses. Of course, you can also enjoy all the other benefits of these practical lenses: no more time-consuming cleaning procedures and clear vision straight after getting up without having to reach for your glasses - who would want to do without that?

Important: Before buying day and night lenses, you should always seek advice from an ophthalmologist or optician: They will check whether your eyes are suitable for continuous wear. This is because overnight wear can only be recommended to a limited extent, especially for very dry or sensitive eyes. We also recommend regular check-ups to ensure the long-term health of your eyes.

Our offer for you

Day and night lenses are available from all major manufacturers, and in the Mister Spex range you will find variants with a monthly or weekly replacement cycle: The Air Optix# Night & Day Aqua, the #Biofinity# as well as the #PureVision# and #TrueLens # accompany you for a full 30 days and nights. When it comes to weekly lenses, customers particularly favour Acuvue Oasys. People who suffer from #astigmatism# or presbyopia will also find the right lens for non-stop wear with the #toric# or #multifocal variants.

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