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Glasses-free convenience: monthly contact lenses

Whether you've long been a fan of wearing only contact lenses or are only now deciding you'd prefer contacts to glasses, our monthly contact lenses give you the improved vision you're looking for with the convenience of lenses designed for regular use. And when you shop at Mister Spex, you get so much more than just high-quality monthly contact lenses. Find out more!

Enjoy all the advantages of monthly lenses

While daily contact lenses are great for those who only occasionally wear contacts, monthly contact lenses are ideal for anyone who regularly chooses lenses over prescription glasses. From the time you open your pack of monthly lenses you can wear them for 30 days, significantly reducing the frequency with which you swap them. This makes our monthly lenses a fantastic alternative to prescription glasses.

Monthly contact lenses are also a popular alternative to other forms of contact lenses because of their value-for-money and durability. Given how popular they are with contact lens wearers, it should come as no surprise that you'll find a variety of models from which to choose, ensuring you get precisely the prescription and comfort requirements you demand and your eyes deserve.

One thing to be aware of when ordering your monthly contact lenses is that your prescription for lenses may not be exactly the same as the one for your glasses. This is because the lens sits directly on your eye, whereas there is a slight distance between your eyes and your glasses. Be sure to discuss your prescription for your contact lenses with your optician.

A range of monthly contact lenses to choose from

We know that different eyes have different needs, which is why you'll find a wide choice of monthly contact lenses in our selection. We stock products from most well-known manufacturers including:

  • Alcon/Ciba Vision

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Cooper Vision

  • Clearlab

  • Sauflon, and many others.

From multifocal lenses to toric, you'll find the prescription lenses you need to ensure great vision every day for 30 days. And then all you have to do is open another pair. It's as simple as that. At Mister Spex you'll also find a range of care products for your contact lenses, giving you the tools you need to guarantee both the longevity and comfort of your monthly lenses.

Monthly contact lenses: what you should know

You want to use monthly lenses but you don't have any previous experience? Already a contact lens wearer but looking for more specific information about the use of monthly lenses? Our trained opticians answer your most important questions right here.

1: How do monthly contact lenses work?

In principle, all contact lenses work in exactly the same way as spectacles; they correct refractive errors in the eye. Incident light lands on the artificial lens first and is then broken up in accordance with the visual defect before it is applied to the natural lens. In contrast to glasses, monthly lenses are worn in direct contact with the eye; the lens floats on the tear film over the cornea. Monthly contact lenses belong to the type known as soft lenses. They are made of hydrogel, silicone hydrogel or a mixture of both. Monthly contact lenses are more resilient than daily or weekly lenses, and only start to wear out after about 30 days.

2: Who can use monthly lenses?

A monthly lens is suitable for any visual defect. Perhaps you are short or long-sighted, or maybe you suffer from an astigmatism or presbyopia; there is a matching monthly lens for all these cases. Certain lenses are considered more suitable for dry or sensitive eyes; Air Optix Aqua monthly lenses, for example. Perhaps you only want to use contact lenses occasionally. In that case, daily or weekly lenses are a better choice. Or, you want a product that doesn't need maintenance. Again, daily lenses are a better option. Alternatively, after consulting your optician, you might find that day-and-night-lenses, such as Air Optix Night & Day Aqua are more appropriate.

3: How should I care for my monthly lenses?

It's easy to care for your monthly lenses, especially if you use a combined solution that allows you to clean, rinse and disinfect both lenses at once. What if you have sensitive eyes or you're allergic to preservatives? In this case, choose a peroxide system; use the surface cleanser first and then rinse the contact lenses with saline. They are then placed in the peroxide solution for disinfecting. The special container that comes with this system ensures that the hydrogen peroxide is neutralised. However, for this to happen, you need to leave the lenses in the solution for the specified amount of time.

It is recommended that protein deposits are removed regularly in order for the lenses to function without problems for the full 30 days. This can either be done once a week with special enzyme tablets or you can choose a combined solution with integrated protein removal.

4: Why is a contact lens adjustment by the optician necessary?

Contact lenses should always be precisely adjusted to your specific needs. Not only does the diopter number need to be exactly right, the optometrist or ophthalmologist also measures for matching curvature (BC) value and diameter (DIA) value. Plus, only a specialist can judge what type of monthly contact lenses are most suitable for your eyes. You should also visit an optician or an ophthalmologist if you encounter any problems when wearing monthly contact lenses.

5: Will I literally get 30 days of wear from monthly disposables?

Your monthly lenses will function perfectly for a full 30 days from the first day of wear. It doesn't matter whether you use the lenses every day or only from time to time; they will last for 30 days from Day One. That's because deposits that are not visible to the naked eye form on the lenses and can cause eye inflammation if you wear them for longer than the stated 30 days. Also, the lens starts to age from the very first day of wear; oxygen permeability decreases to the extent that your eyes will hurt if you use the lens for longer than specified.

Why shop at Mister Spex: Europe’s largest online optician

In addition to the range of high-quality monthly contact lenses you'll find in our online shop, at Mister Spex you benefit from several other perks of our service. The benefits of shopping online at Mister Spex include:

  • Free delivery starting at £29.00

  • 30-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your purchase

  • Friendly, professional customer care from our team of professionals

  • Fantastic prices on our entire selection of contact lenses and care products

From start to finish, we make sure you get great service and high-quality products every step of the way. Leave your glasses at home and enjoy the freedom of wearing contacts. Order your monthly contact lenses today!


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