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This is how the blue light glasses work

Glasses with blue light filter technology relax your eyes. A special coating ensures that short-wave blue light is filtered out, thus also reduces the so-called stray light, which among other things impairs our ability to focus and tires our eyes.

How do I order blue-light filter glasses?

It's easy! Find your perfect frame and choose "blue-light filter" when selecting your lenses. If you're still looking for your favourite frame then try up to 4 pairs at home for free.
Often confused - short explanation of the difference

Computer glasses vs. Blue light filter


Computer glasses (type of glasses)

A pair of glasses specifically for working environments that accommodate and compensate for a person's reading distance, distance to the monitor and near distance (similar to varifocals). This means they are designed for people who need correction for both distant and near vision.

Blue light filter (coating)

Glasses with a special coating on the lenses to filter out any blue light from digital devices. Lenses with blue light filter technology are therefore highly recommended for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time looking at a screen, often for hours without a break.
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