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Eyewear care: How to clean your glasses

Fingerprints, facial creams, dirt and dust particles, sebum deposits from the skin and eyebrows - throughout the day, a lot of different things can muck up your lenses and get in the way of you and clear vision. Thorough and regular cleaning extends the life of your glasses and ensures you always see clearly. One of the biggest problems is that many glasses wearers do not know the proper way to care for their eyewear. When they see a little dirt or grime, they grab what they consider to be the next best thing: a towel, the corner of a t-shirt or sweater, or a tissue (hint: this is not a good idea!). Thankfully proper care is not difficult. In fact, it is quite simple! Read on to find out more.

1. Clean and care for your glasses the right way

For a quick cleaning on the go, a simple swipe or two with a microfiber cloth can successfully remove oil, dirt, and moisture. This does not replace proper regular cleaning though.

Always make sure the microfiber cloth itself is clean: coarse dirt and dust can scratch the surface of your lenses. Simply shake out the cloth, give it a quick rinse of water, and wipe or blow away dust particles, crumbs, or dirt.

Regular glasses cleaning

Place your glasses under running water to remove the coarsest dirt. The water should be lukewarm so as not to damage the coating of the glasses. Next, gently rub some washing-up liquid on the lenses with your fingers. Be sure to keep your touch light and avoid excess pressure. Finally, rinse the glasses clean under running water.After you have properly washed your glasses, it is time to use a microfiber cloth. Drape the cloth over both sides of the lenses and wipe gently. Move in a circular motion over the lenses, avoiding pressure. Hold rimless glasses on the edges to prevent excess tension.Special eyewear-cleansing products from your optician can help with daily cleaning.

What to do when your glasses are particularly dirty

Go to the optician every 4-6 months and have your glasses cleaned by ultrasound. Most opticians offer this service free of charge. You can also buy an ultrasonic cleaner for your home.

Opticians' tip: Save yourself time and effort and opt for a lotus effect on your lenses

2. What to avoid when when cleaning your glasses

Damaging materials

Clothing, tissues, paper towels, and hand towels can all damage the glasses due to the emery effect.

Opticians' tip: Never use a tissue to clean eyeglasses!

Tissues absorb dirt, thereby cause micro-scratches as the dirt particles are merely rubbed back and forth. When done multiple times month after month, the lenses lose their prescription strength. Experts call this "glasses blindness". Even small scratches on the glass that are imperceptible to the human eye can irritate and ultimately hurt the eye.

Aggressive cleaning agents

Window glass cleaner and aggressive household cleaning agents damage not only the glass coating but also the surface of the frames.

Wet cleaning cloths & eyeglass cleaning cloths with alcohol

Alcohol, which is usually contained in wet cleaning cloths, can damage plastic lenses. Therefore, use sparingly or not at all.

Too much pressure

Excess pressure can cause the frame to warp and can also damage the coating on the lenses.

Washing machine and dishwasher

Never, ever do this! Dishwashing detergents and salts can scratch your glasses. In addition, the heat could bend your frames.

3. How to properly store your glasses

Always store your glasses in their (clean!) case. When possible, wrap them in a microfiber cloth that is clean and dirt/sand/crumb-free.It is a good idea to store the microfiber cloth in the spectacle case so that no dust or dirt can settle on it. However, microfiber cloths are machine washable: use a mild detergent, no fabric softener and wash at a temperature of maximum 40 degrees Celsius.When your case isn't at hand, always place the glasses on the temples-- never lens side down! Resting your glasses on the lenses is a sure-fire way to scratch them. You should also avoid storing your unprotected glasses in pockets, jackets, and handbags.


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