Smart Focus supports your eyes during daily focus shifts.

In everyday life, our eyes are exposed to constant stress due to frequent focus changes on displays. The Smart Focus Upgrade is like a balm for stressed eyes. The slight addition in the lower area of the lens - the so-called boost zone - actively supports you when focusing at near distance, such as when spontaneously glancing at your smartphone. Unpleasant symptoms of daily stress, such as tired and dry eyes, are noticeably reduced.

Smart Focus Upgrade with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Your benefits with us

  • Smart Focus Upgrade for single vision glasses from £49.95
  • For more visual comfort and quality of life in the digital world.
  • Recommended by our optical experts
  • Made in a Berlin master workshop
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • For anyone who looks up from digital devices every day.
smart focus
smart focus

Your upgrade in the display jungle

Our lens coating is your upgrade in the digital jungle. Whether you're a digital native, gamer or smartphone enthusiast, treat yourself to a relaxed view of the essentials! Smart Focus is for anyone who spends a lot of time on digital devices every day. It noticeably supports your eyes as you shift focus between near and far. So you can make your digital life as comfortable as possible for you and your eyes.

Smart Focus
Smart Focus

Why do our optical experts recommend Smart Focus?

Our opticians recommend the Smart Focus coating, which is only available on single-vision lenses, to help prevent concentration problems and general fatigue when using digital devices. Our opticians emphasise that Smart Focus significantly reduces the strain on your eyes. With the active support of the additive, these lenses give us more visual comfort and quality of life in our digital lives.

The Smart Focus upgrade for single vision lenses helps your eyes in many situations. Especially when it takes longer than usual to focus at close distances, such as a quick glance at your smartphone. It also actively supports your eyes when reading, using your mobile phone and other digital devices.If your eyes feel tired after a day of screen time or reading a good book, we recommend the Smart Focus coating.

If you have your current prescription with you, you can order your Smart Focus lens online. Simply choose your favourite frame model, select the 'With Prescription' option and then select 'Smart Focus' for your single vision frame on the lens selection page. However, our opticians always recommend that you have an eye test before buying new lenses. The eye test is free with us and you will be advised on all lens options.

Yes, Smart Focus glasses are designed for everyday wear. The glasses are made to fit your prescription and have a small addition in the bottom part of the lens to support your eyes when looking up close. This lens coating, like other relaxation or wellness glasses, is excellent for everyday use. What's more, you don't need the adaptation period that is usually required with progressive lenses

No, the Smart Focus lens does not have an additional blue light filter. However, you can have your new glasses customised with both coatings: Smart Focus and a blue light filter.The combination of both coatings gives you the best support and protection for your digital life.Smart Focus is a light coating on the bottom of the lens that helps reduce eyestrain, while the blue light filter provides additional protection from blue light during your daily screen time.

If you already wear progressive glasses or computer glasses, Smart Focus is not for you. Your eyes need more support than Smart Focus can provide.

A progressive lens supports both distance and near vision. It has different individual strengths for near and far vision. It is suitable for those who need vision correction for both distance and near tasks. Smart Focus lenses are primarily designed to increase your visual comfort by relieving the strain on your eyes.


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