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Voucher conditions: Redeeming vouchers are dependent on the indicated minimum order value, date of validity, or specified category. Vouchers cannot be combined with other Mister Spex sales promotions.

1. Conditions for vouchers dependent on:

  • Indicated minimum order value

  • Date of validity

  • Category validity

  • Cannot be combined with other Mister Spex sales promotions

  • Cannot be combined with other vouchers (one per order)

  • Cash payouts not possible

2. On returns, minimum order value and minimum purchase amount:

We would appreciate your understanding regarding vouchers, in particular with regards percentage discounts, which cannot be refunded or paid out when a partial or complete return has been made. Should the voucher be dependent on minimum order value, the value is then equated with the provided minimum order value. This means that when the minimum order value is not met by means of partial or complete return, the aforementioned voucher will lose its validity and the original price of the article will then apply.


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