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Ultrawave Contact Lenses

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UltraWave® contact lenses

UltraWave® is a monthly contact lens brand which offers markedly improved vision over other contact lenses. UltraWave® contact lenses feature a unique multi-aspheric front surface. With this ground-breaking design they provide enhanced contrast sensitivity as well as heightened depth perception. Even in poor light conditions, with UltraWave® contact lenses you'll be seeing clearly. Their patented aberration control system – based on wavefront tecnhology – guarantees sharp, focussed vision at all times.

UltraWave® contact lenses are suitable for all contact lens wearers. Whether it's spheric or toric lenses you need, for astigmatism as well as presbyopia, UltraWave® have a host of benefits over other lens brands. For early-stage presbyopia UltraWave® lenses can replace multi-focal contact lenses, which is good news for people with dry or sensitive eyes. Through the use of modern biocompatible materials, like hioxifilcon A, these lenses offer high oxygen permeation which keeps eyes fresh all day long. Moist and healthy eyes are guaranteed with UltraWave® contacts. If you wear your lenses for long periods, you won't need to worry about discomfort any more. Air-conditioned offices, dry, dusty and smoke-filled environments – UltraWave® contact lenses are reliable in every situation.

The British manufacturer UltraVision has won awards for its innovative designs, and is known worldwide as one of the leading contact lens specialists. UltraWave® contact lenses are named after the wavefront technology which is behind their innovative design.

Despite the unique structure of UltraWave® contact lenses, they require no special treatment or care product. Just clean your new UltraWave® lenses with an ordinary solution and enjoy the benefits of their extraordinary design!

In the Mister Spex online store you'll find spheric and toric lenses by UltraWave®, as well as the superior quality UltraWave® SiH – a lens made from silicone hydrogel, for unbeatable freshness and comfort. You can make a great saving when you buy multi-packs of UltraWave® contact lenses, or lenses and cleaning solutions – just take a look at our bundle offers. As ever, you'll find the best contact lenses at the best prices here at Mister Spex.

* Sum of regular shop price for the frame and the recommended retail price (RRP) for two anti-reflective, scratch-resistant single vision plastic lenses (refraction index 1.5) no greater than sph. +6.0/-6.0 D; cyl. +2.0/-2.0 D.

** All frames include two anti-reflective, scratch-resistant single vision plastic lenses (refraction index 1.5) no greater than sph. +6.0/-6.0 D; cyl. +2.0/-2.0 D.

The crossed out prices without RRP are the standard prices at Mister Spex.