Glasses with blue light filter.
Your vision in focus.

Developed for all those who spend a lot of time in front of screens every day, our glasses with blue light filter technology allow you to relax your eyes - even during long days.

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How it works in 3 steps:

1. Select a frame

The blue light filter technology is applicable to all our frames.

2. Enter your prescription values and select the lens option.

If you do not require prescription, select the option "glasses without prescription".

3. Select blue light filter as finishing.

The filter is available for almost all lens options (except varifocal or PremiumPlus lenses).

The first impression matters

What is blue light?

While it has not yet been proven that the screens of modern computers, tablets and smartphones emit enough blue light to damage our retinas - it is clear that blue-violet radiation itself affects the eye, depending on the duration and intensity to which we are exposed to it.

This is how the filter works.

Glasses with blue light filter technology relax your eyes. A special coating ensures that short-wave blue light is filtered out, thus also reduces the so-called stray light, which among other things impairs our ability to focus and tires our eyes.


Wake up call for tired eyes.

No matter which model you wear - our blue light filters are available for almost all lenses (exceptions are Premium Plus and tints). Even if you do not usually wear glasses, the option of lenses without prescription and only with filters is possible.You'll see, your eyes won't get tired so easily.

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