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Blue light filter glasses: Protect your eyes with glasses with blue filter technology

It's no surprise that the constant gazing at screens strains our eyes. What is comparatively new, is the realisation that radiation from displays can possibly lead to long-term damage to the eyes. In this context, we are talking about harmful blue light. Here you can find out exactly what this is all about - and how a pair of blue filter blocking glasses protects you from it.

Blue Light Filter Technology

Blue light filter glasses: for whom are glasses with blue filter technology suitable?

Computers and smartphones are part of most people's everyday life today - and for these, blue light filter glasses, also known as blue light glasses or blue light blocking glasses, are a worthwhile investment. The time we spend looking at displays should not be underestimated: even the occasional glance at a smartphone in the course of a day usually adds up to a considerable amount of time. We recommend lenses with a blue filter technology for all those who look at a screen intensively and sometimes for hours without a break. This applies to people with a computer workstation as well as passionate gamers.

Tip: if you have decided on a new pair of glasses, click on "Select glasses" to get an overview of our lens options. You can choose the blue filter technology as a glass finishing.

Does blue light from a smartphone & co. damage the eyes?

The harmful effect of ultraviolet light on skin and eyes has been known for a long time. This light has a short wavelength (below 400 nanometers) and is extremely energetic. Recently, attention has shifted to the so-called HEV light, which can be eliminated by the blue filter technology. The abbreviation stands for "High Energy Visible" - this is high-energy blue light which is located at the border of the visible area. It is suspected, among other things, to increase the probability of age-related macular degeneration. In this case, the photoreceptors on the retina gradually die off, which can at worst case lead to blindness.

The daily use of PCs, notebooks and smartphones is particularly problematic. The problem: the LED backlighting of modern displays generates a much higher proportion of blue light than, for example, a light bulb. The total amount of blue light is less than outside, during the day. Different eye habits and one's surroundings play an important role: we look directly at screens, completely focused, often for many hours over the course of a day. Low ambient brightness in the evening exacerbates the problem: the pupils dilate, increasing the amount of HEV light that enters the eye. There is another undesirable effect in this case: the amount of blue light can disrupt one's sleeping pattern. It inhibits the release of the important "sleep hormone" melatonin and tells the body at night that it is daytime.

How do blue light filter glasses work?

Similiar to how sunglasses and high-quality normal glasses shield the eyes from UV light, glasses with blue filter technology also protect against HEV light and its potential dangers. For this reason, the lenses have an additional coating that is impermeable to blue radiation, in the particular wavelengths above 400 nanometers. Optically, the difference to normal glasses lenses is minimal: the blue light filter appears like a light, barely perceptible tint. It does not change the appearance of the glasses and only catches the eye when you look closely, for example when you hold the lenses in front of a white wall.

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