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Boss Orange

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BOSS ORANGE glasses - the casual look for trendsetters

The Boss Orange label emerged in 1999 from a strategy that had begun years earlier, dividing the Hugo Boss umbrella brand into several segments. Thus, Germany's best-known fashion brand achieved a stronger divide between its individual fashion ranges. The Boss Orange glasses represent the casual wear look - the sophisticated leisure style, which is located between an actively sporty appearance and a trendy, urban flair. The Boss Orange style satisfies the desire for comfort thanks to simple fashion: distinctly casual chic - with a good dose of elegance.

BOSS ORANGE: elegance for every situation

Boss Orange glasses are among the most sought-after models, but not only for younger fashion-conscious audiences. A first glance at the collections for men and women already reveals why: there is something for everyone . Boss Orange fans can always besure that they are fashionable and of the highest quality. A flamboyant version of a certain shape of glasses is not displayed and nevertheless all current frame trends are incorporated. The popular panto style, which looks retro and slightly "nerdy", is represented as well as particularly narrow frames, which have experienced a type of ironic rebirth within the business environment. Rather than having a frame that simply adorns the eyes, it is desirable for the frame to create a confident, literal sharp look. In addition, Boss Orange glasses with narrow or rather more rectangular frames are advantageous, balancing out a round or heart-shaped face .


BOSS ORANGE Eyewear: more daring designs not to be excluded

The rather extravagant models within the Boss Orange glasses collection are particularly suitable for women. Some of them feature attractive colour combinations of frame and temples, others feature decorative patterns that play with references to textile fashion trends. This is done by using camouflage or brightly coloured patchwork, as is the case with model BO 0202 7KQ - a real eye-catcher. Men have a touch of noble flair when wearing glasses with a horn frame. An elegant alternative to this classic approach is a fashion trend that can also be found in Boss Orange glasses: cream and mocha coloured frames , sometimes interspersed with transparent contours in beige or subtle orange. The design is harmoniously thought through so that the colour blends in perfectly with the overall picture. The Boss Orange BO 0307 PF3 is a particularly unusual men's model. Here, the typical speckled pattern of the horn frame is brought into contemporary fashion in a rather avant-garde way.

Highly popular BOSS ORANGE glasses: light-weight chic

The smallest thing that all Boss Orange glasses have in common is their light-weight. Whether metal-plastic combinations for frame and temples, full rims made of plastic or half-rim glasses: a comfortable fit is always guaranteed. The majority of the models in the collection are very delicate and designed with the use of minimal material. As such there are rather thinner temples and frames found in the collection and unusual patterns and colour areas occur in the smallest of spaces.

An overview of the Boss Orange glasses features:

- Casual-elegant style

- Wide range of models, from subtle to particularly extravagant

- Light-weight

- Trendy colour combinations and patterns especially for the women's models in the collection

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