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Trial lenses: the easy switch for glasses wearers

The question ""contact lenses or glasses?"" is in many cases no longer about the aesthetic aspect thanks to the stylish glasses. But it is about the functional aspect. For example, you may be a regular athlete and want to take advantage of the benefits of contact lenses. If you were previously worried about changing, there is now an attractive solution: trial lenses from our own TrueLens brand, with which you can test the compatibility of contact lenses conveniently and inexpensively.

What is the difference between trial lenses and "normal" lenses?

The short answer: there is none! Our trial lenses are identical with the corresponding regular contact lenses from TrueLens. They give an absolutely realistic impression of the wearing comfort, visual impression and handling. The only difference lies in the package size. The term "trial pack" would therefore be more accurate. This contains either a single lens (for monthly lenses) or five lenses (for daily lenses). The quantities are designed for a test period of 30 and five days respectively, for which you will need two packs each. The latter is deliberately designed that way - because as a rule the ametropia of the two eyes is differently affected.

Daily or monthly lenses as trial lenses: which are better?

Dependent on the type and degree of ametropia, TrueLens offers daily and monthly disposable lenses as trial lenses. In this case your individual habits and preferences play an important role. The daily lens can be taken out in the evening and disposed of. An additional care product is not necessary. Due to the uncomplicated handling, this variant is suitable if you only want to wear contact lenses on certain occasions. These can be, for example, sporting activities, rainy days (raindrops on the glasses) or important appointments.

If you would like to instead enjoy the comfort of contact lenses every day, you are well off with monthly lenses. As the name suggests, they last up to 30 days when properly cared for. The fact that they can be reused several times means that in the long term they are much less expensive. Daily cleaning and disinfection overnight becomes routine after a short time.

Contact lenses from TrueLens at Mister Spex: high quality and affordable

At Mister Spex we exclusively offer trial lenses of our own brand TrueLens. We work together with renowned contact lens manufacturers to ensure high quality. At the same time, we control all processes from production to delivery and have optimised them. The result is an excellent cost-effectiveness ratio that is unmatched.


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