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EOE | Sustainable elegance 

10 years ago, in the small village of Ammarnäs in Swedish Lapland the brand EOE was born. Fresh air and snow covered mountains inspired Erik and Emilia Lindmark to create a sustainable eyewear collection that combines the elegance and simplicity of Scandinavian design with the beauty of the barren nature in Swedish Lapland. The heritage from the Swedish north is reflected in the names, colours, details, and materials the come from the wild and beautiful nature. 

Symbiosis of sustainability & design 

EOE is a pioneer in the production of sustainable eyewear, without any phthalates that are normally used in eyewear manufacturing. Today EOE is the leading sustainable eyewear brand in Scandinavia. All glasses are not only sustainably produced, but also fully recyclable and biodegradable. 

The vision 

The glasses are designed in Swedish Lapland and then carefully handcrafted in the Italian Alps. The ambition is to one day be able to design and produce every piece in the north of Sweden. Until then, the Swedish mountains will be replaced by the Alps, and the work at EOE headquarters will focus primarily on making the rest of the production even greener. 

EOE Eyewear: the adventure that began with a snowmobile 

Let's go - to Swedish Lapland! The EOE brand was born on a bright and snowy spring day in 2010, when Erik and Emilia Lindmark were travelling on a snowmobile in a small village in Swedish Lapland. The fresh air and beautiful landscape gave the two of them an idea - to create a collection of eyewear that combines the elegance and simplicity of Scandinavian design with the raw beauty of Swedish Lapland nature. The cultural heritage is reflected both in the names and the colours of the frames. EOE eyewear is a unique brand that has warmed many hearts in a very short space of time. Who is coming along for the journey? 

Sustainable spectacle frames from Swedish Lapland 

EOE was the first brand to launch a sustainable eyewear collection without phthalates - a substance normally used in the manufacturing of eyewear. Today EOE is the leading sustainable eyewear brand in Scandinavia. All EOE eyewear is produced in an environmentally friendly way and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. A popular sustainable collection is that of sports glasses: EOE Sport. The futuristic designs are real eye-catchers and they can be worn both on the slopes and during après-ski fun. The brand's various collaborations are also regional and sustainable. Long story short: EOE eyewear from Swedish Lapland produces high-quality eyewear and sunglasses without compromising on nature. 

EOE glasses: Swedish design meets rough naturalness 

This brand's prescription glasses impress with trendy shapes, high-quality materials and the creative redesign of classic designs. Real eye-catchers are the colours inspired by the Swedish-Lapland landscape. Clear ice blue, light gold and sandy yellow almost teleport the wearer into the snowy landscapes, forests and mountains of the far north. Popular models are: 

  • Round, delicate models made out of titanium - a homage to the nickel spectacles of the 70s, but available in natural shades that reflect the Swedish-Lapland landscape. 

  • Round, slightly flattened models at the top, reminiscent of classic horn eyewear. These models also impress with unique, natural shades of colour. 

  • Transparent frames that convey a pleasant lightness and are excellent to wear in summer and winter.

EOE sunglasses: round, cat eye or aviator glasses 

EOE sunglasses are available in different designs, shapes, colours and materials. The natural, northern inspired colours and the newly interpreted classics are particularly striking. For example, some cat eye models do not have a robust full rim made of plastic, but a delicate half rim made out of metal or titanium. In other cat eye frames, the upper part of the rim is slightly offset, which creates an exciting optical effect. Are you up for a new sunglasses adventure this year? If so, the following EOE creations are exactly what you are looking for: 

  • Glasses in the frame? Frames on the lenses! In the glasses of the sports collection, the thin metal frame is, so to speak, glued to the slightly larger lenses, creating a great futuristic effect. 

  • Cat eye meets rectangular. These models combine two popular frame shapes and create a fresh and trendy look. 

  • Less is more - but sometimes it is not. The glasses, which were designed in collaboration with Sania Claus Demina, decorate the classic round frame with small crystals. 

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