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A pair of prescription sports glasses sharpens the perspective

Full physical exertion on the football pitch, constant changes of direction while the climbing wall or vibrations when mountain biking in uneven terrain: everyday glasses cannot withstand such challenges. For a good and safe performance you need an optimal view. A pair of prescription sports glasses individually compensates for visual impairments such as short-sightedness or farsightedness. The frame and lenses can be adapted to the requirements of the respective discipline, as the requirements differ from sport to sport.


Why is good vision important for athletes?

What do prescription sports glasses need to offer?

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Why is good vision important for athletes?

Whether in team sports, when jogging or on the water: the eyes must be able to see the entire environment with every movement. Poor vision reduces reaction speed and the ability to handle sports equipment with confidence. That is why sports glasses with prescription lenses for astigmatism, short- or long-sightedness are an important part of your equipment.

Good eye protection not only reduces eye injuries but also minimizes the overall risk of injury. Everyday glasses are not suitable for sporting activities, but increase the risk of injury due to fogging or slipping. Therefore, people with a visual impairment should not do without prescription sports glasses. What do prescitpion sports glasses need to offer?

When you do sports, you are always on the move. The glasses must not slip, press or fog up. Adjustable nose pads and adjustable temples (for example Oakley sports glasses) make them very comfortable to wear. Sports eyewear with prescription meets high standards: frames and corrective lenses made out of shatterproof plastic reduces the risk of injury. Rubberised temples and nose pads fit tightly on the nose and behind the ears without pressure marks. A flexible rubber band fixes the glasses to the head for disciplines with many jerky movements. Under a protective helmet the frame does not press on the temples or the ears.The curved shape of the lenses protects the eyes from wind, water, dust and insects. Anti-reflective lenses filter light reflections. An anti-fog coating ensures clear vision. Sports glasses for glasses wearers: our service at a glance.

From Mister Spex you can get prescription sports glasses at an all-inclusive price. Our quality lenses made of plastic are already equipped with a UV filter, super anti-reflection coating and hard coating refinement. We only use lenses from leading manufacturers such as SEIKO Optical, Hoya Lens and Essilor. You do not like the glasses you ordered? Send the glasses back to us within 30 days free of charge.


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