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Ray-Ban JA-JO - peace and love

As well as being famous for featuring in some classic Hollywood movies, Ray-Bans were also a big part of the music scene in the 1960s: who can forget John Lennon's trademark round glasses? The Ray-Ban JA-JO is an echo of the 60's vibe of peace, love and flower-power, and a homage to the creative genius and singer, Janis Joplin.

Ray-Ban JA-JO - a classic 60s look

Film and music artists just love Ray-Ban sunglasses! Many of the best-known Ray-Ban models have been made famous by Hollywood blockbusters and music lovers will instantly link John Lennon with the Ray-Ban Round Metal shades. Ray-Ban JA-JOs are oversized round metal glasses that have channelled the flower-power, festival vibe since the sixties.

Many pictures of classic music festivals such as Woodstock feature Janis Joplin wearing big, round glasses with a metal frame and red-tinted lenses. This Ray-Ban model is the JA-JO and is just perfect to be worn in summer, at festivals and combined with a casual outfit. Just go with the flow, wear whatever you feel comfortable in and the JA-JO will do the rest.

Be daring with bright colour combinations

JA-JO glasses have a round metal full-rim frame that comes in gold, bronze-copper and silver. The lenses are available in a range of psychedelic colours: from dark reds and oranges to blue-violet and pink. Most shades are available with a mirror coating. With so many combinations of frames and lens colours, you can create just the look you want. This style is especially well suited for oval and round faces.

The right lens for you

The lenses absorb around 85% of visible light and block out most of the harmful blue frequencies up to a wave length of 400 nm, as well as 100% of UVA and UVB rays. The impact-resistant lenses are built to sustain the force of a steel ball dropped from around 1.4 yds. Chemical hardening and a special coating make the plastic lenses scratch-resistant.

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