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Men's Reading Glasses at Mister Spex

Despite all the struggles and hesitations - there comes a time when a man ought to wear reading glasses. But don't be afraid: the dusty image of these visual aids is long since a thing of the past. Men's reading glasses not only improve the quality of your vision, but also give you a trendy look thanks to modern designs. Popular fashion designers are increasingly developing high-quality models in the category of reading glasses for men and are giving them a new and elevated status. Reading glasses are considered, today more than ever, a timeless accessory.

The root of presbyopia

Your eyes are slowly deteriorating and you find it increasingly difficult to read small print? No need to feel old: presbyopia sets in at the age of 40 for most people. The reason behind your problem to focus clearly, is that your eyes are becoming less accommodating. This normally ensures that visual acuity is actively adapted to different distances. If this function no longer properly works, you can no longer see nearby objects clearly.

If you find everyday tasks difficult, such as reading, looking at your mobile phone or writing letters, reading glasses will help you. These single-vision glasses compensate for your age-related long-sightedness and enable you to see clearly again when you are close by.

Select the right model

With Mister Spex's comprehensive range of reading glasses you will always find the right reading glasses for you, without having to forego modern and attractive designs. The selection ranges from simple and modest models to fancy and extravagant frames in a variety of colours. Excellent workmanship and the best materials are guaranteed. At Mister Spex you will find top brands such as Ray-Ban, Nike, Adidas and Lacoste.

The selection is particularly fast and uncomplicated with the help of our filter options: simply select your favourite colour and material or filter according to your face width and shape. This limits the range to your personal preferences and you can easily find reading glasses that suit you.

Tip: Reading glasses are ideally narrow and rectangular. So you can easily see over the frame and don't have to take off the glasses when your gaze changes between near and far. This effect is optimised by the use of delicate frames as well as models with half rim and rimless glasses.

Try on your glasses online

If you are not yet sure whether the chosen model really suits you, there is a simple solution: try the glasses online - directly and conveniently with a photo:

  1. Open favourites and click on the 4th product picture with the camera

  2. Upload your favourite photo or take it with webcam

  3. Now align the glasses on the picture

  4. Share your photo on Facebook and show it to your friends if needed

or With the webcam in 3D directly on the screen:

  1. Open favourites and activate the online sample via icon

  2. Important: your Flash Player must be activated

  3. Wait until the glasses are correctly positioned

  4. Share your photo on Facebook and show it to your friends

If you have decided, select the desired type of lenses and enter your lens values in the available fields. Your new glasses will be on their way to you in no time at all.

Your advantages at Mister Spex

When you choose a pair of men's reading glasses from Mister Spex, you not only enjoy a wide range of numerous designers and top brands, but also an easy model selection. As one of the leading online retailers for eyewear, sunglasses and contact lenses, we offer you many other advantages:

✓ Europe's most popular online optician: more than 1.5 million satisfied customers.

✓ Quality glasses with UV filter, super anti-reflection and a hard coating

✓ Fast, reliable shipping: delivery with DHL and Hermes

✓ Extended right of return: free returns within 30 days

Do you have any questions or requests? Simply contact Mister Spex via telephone or e-mail: our team of professional opticians is familiar with all aspects of online shopping and reading glasses. This is how to buy glasses today!


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