Glasses with blue light filter

Developed for those who spend a lot of time in front of screens.

Glasses with Blue filter

Get your glasses with blue light filter in three easy steps

1. Choose your frame – No matter which model you wear – our blue light filters are available for all frames.

2. Enter your prescription and choose your lens option – If you do not usually wear glasses, choose the option "non-prescription lenses".

3. Finally, choose the coating option "Blue Light Eye Protection" – The filter is available for almost all lens options (excluding Premium +).

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Glasses with blue light filter

Digital detox for your eyes!

Specially designed for all those who spend a lot of time in front of a screen every day. Many people experience tired eyes and headaches after long video conferences when working from home. Blue light filter glasses are intended to avert such problems.

Our glasses with blue light filter technology relax your eyes, even over extended periods of time. Just as sunglasses protect your retina from UV rays, blue light filter glasses protect your eyes from harmful blue light.

For example, spending too many hours in front of a screen could result in dry, irritated or watery eyes, headaches, migraines or insomnia. A blue light filter helps you to give your eyes a break from everyday digital life.

Blue light filter - here's how it works:

As the name implies, blue light filter glasses are glasses that protect your eyes from blue lights. With blue light filter glasses, the lenses are covered with a special coating that blocks blue light. This filter absorbs only the ""bad"" blue light, which usually is emitted by digital devices, but allows all other light rays to pass through. By doing so, you protect your eyes from the visual stress of everyday digital life.

Note: the blue light filter may make your lenses slightly tinted.

Wake up call for tired eyes: blue light filter glasses with prescription

No matter which model you wear, our blue light filters are available for almost all lenses (except Premium Plus and tints). This means that you can simply have the lenses of your choice, whether they're from RayBan, Gucci or another brand, upgraded with a blue light filter. Also, you can get lenses without prescription and only with a blue light filter for those who don't wear glasses. You will soon notice that your eyes won't get tired so quickly. Are blue light filter glasses the same as computer glasses? Blue light filter glasses, are not the same as computer glasses. The latter contain prescription lenses - either single vision lenses or varifocal lenses, for example, if the wearer exhibits impaired vision in the near and distance range. Blue light filter are also available as a coating for computer glasses.


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