Oakley Prizm

Oakley Prizm - For a better overview when playing sports

Oakley's new PRIZM™ technology optimizes your vision during sports or everyday activities. Designed specifically for different environments and activities, these lenses boost your ability to see details in focus or at the edges of your field of vision. Whether you're on the road, water sports or at golf, Oakley Prizm glasses are designed to suit your needs. Learn how this innovative technology improves your visual accuracy here.

This is how PRIZM™ technology optimizes your visual perception

During sports, the precision of your visual perception is important. On the road or on the water you have to make decisions within a few milliseconds. The innovative PRIZM™ technology supports you in this. Lenses specially developed for your needs in different environments highlight the crucial details. Individually adapted polarized glasses to the respective light spectrum ensure that you can better recognise colours and contrasts. This allows you to focus more easily and still notice details at the edge of your field of vision.

Sports expert

Special lenses that improve contrast and colour perception in various sports: with Prizm technology, Oakley logically continues its portfolio. Starting with special grips for BMX bikes, the focus in California soon shifted to biker safety eyewear - which in the years that followed also appealed to Tour de France riders, thus greatly increasing the brand's visibility. The interchangeable lens system that Oakley introduced in the late 1980s also made the Californians well known to a wide range of buyers. Today, Oakley stands for a sporty, casual lifestyle and is the brand of choice for mountain bikers, snowboarders and runners when it comes to special safety eyewear.

Mister Spex offers a wide range of sporty and casual Oakley Prizm models in trendy colours:

  • PRIZM™ Daily improves your colour perception in everyday life. Matt colours appear warm and pleasant. The polarized lenses also increase contrast. With these trendy sunglasses you have the best possible overview.

  • PRIZM™ Road was especially developed for bikers. Red and brown colours are highlighted with these lenses, so you can spot bumps on roads and paths faster. Rounded temple ends and non-slip nose pads also improve the grip of the glasses.

  • PRIZM™ Golf The lenses filter the surrounding colours so that you can distinguish green tones particularly well. This allows you to easily distinguish between fairway, rough and hazards.

  • PRIZM™ Trail These sunglasses offer cyclists more safety in extreme environments. These glasses enable you to see branches, stones and roots clearly and react quickly in both sunlight and in the shade.

  • PRIZM™ Shallow Water supports you in shallow waters. These glasses block annoying reflections on the water surface and instead enhance green and copper tones. In this way you can see fish and the sea bed particularly well.

  • PRIZM™ Deep Water accompanies you into deeper waters. Like PRIZM™ Shallow Water these glasses eliminate reflections on the water. Shades of green and red are easier to see, while disturbing blue light is dimmed. The glasses are darkened so that you are not dazzled even in glaring sunlight.

PRIZM™ Snow offers you a wide range of tinted lenses for different light and weather conditions. This allows you to see contrasts and colours particularly well when skiing, snowboarding or mountain climbing.

Classics for everyday life

For cool street style and the best everyday vision, Oakley has integrated Prizm technology into sunglasses with classic shapes. Available in a variety of trendy colours, these lenses improve your visibility on all your routes: cycling, driving or on foot. The simple, classic frames complete your timeless look and the lightweight frame offers the best comfort.

Oakley Prizm at Mister Spex: your advantages at a glance

High-quality designer brands, innovative glass technologies and quality lenses: your purchase at Mister Spex offers you numerous advantages. Discover our portfolio of sports eyewear for all activities: running, cycling and golf - we offer sports and sunglasses that are tailored to your needs.

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