Clear all-day

Monthly disposable

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1 box with 6 lenses

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Product details

  • 57% water content
  • 14.2mm lens diameter
  • Hioxifilcon A
  • Tear resistant
  • Monthly Lenses
  • Water Content: 58%
  • Oxygen permeability: 19.85 X 10-11 (cm2/s) (mlO2/ Hg)
  • Lenses diameter: 14,2 mm
  • Base curve: 8.6mm
  • Powers available: +6.00D to -10.00D in grades of 0.25D (0.5D grades from +4.00/-6.00D)
  • Colour: Soft Blue
  • Usage instructions: Monthly lenses for daily use
  • Content: 6 contact lenses per pack<br>
  • Manufacturer: Clearlab

Biocompatible branded monthly lenses

Clear all-day are the biocompatible monthly lenses from Clearlab. The new material ClearGMA contains the material mucin, which is made by the body itself, and which is used to regulate the moisture levels in the human body. Clear1-Day contact lenses are therefore ideally suited to people with dry and sensitive eyes. In tests with comparable monthly lenses, Clearall-Day contact lenses have been shown to offer superior levels of tolerability.

The aspherical design of Clearall-Day contact lenses, informed by the latest research in lenses design, does not just correct mild astigmatism - rather it significantly improves contrast and sharpness of vision in poor lighting conditions. Furthermore, aberration errors are minimised with Clearall-Day monthly lenses, so that shapes and texts can be viewed exceptionally clear.  Additionally, the smooth structure to the contour edge prevents stability problems caused by blinking.

Clearall-Day contact lenses also offer great levels of comfort for the eye, even when worn for long periods of time. This is due to the high oxygen permeability levels and the extremely smooth surface of the biocompatible material, which helps to keep the formation of protein and lipid deposits to a minimum. In addition, ClearGMA is extremely good at retaining moisture, which in turn prevents the eyes from drying out.

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