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ReNu MPS All-in-one solution

The mild multi-solution ReNu MPS™ Sensitive Eyes™ for soft contact lenses impresses with its particularly silky texture. Specially developed for sensitive eyes, it is an all-rounder for all cases. It allows you to clean, disinfect and care for your soft or silicone hydrogel lenses. This way you maintain a perfect wearing feeling of your contact lenses and protect your eyes from harmful deposits from the environment as well as from your own eye. For daily use, we recommend that you follow a few quick cleaning steps before inserting and after removing your contact lenses. For the benefit of your eye health, as well as for clear vision with a contact lens in your eye, it is important that your lenses are cleaned, disinfected and adequately wetted. ReNu MPS™ Sensitive Eyes™ are ideal for this. The multi-solution does the job almost by itself. It cleans, disinfects, and rinses your contact lenses. What's more, you can store your lenses in the solution overnight, without any complications. The solution also reliably removes proteins from your contact lens - so you can enjoy a healthy and wonderfully clean contact lens feeling.

As an all-in-one solution, ReNu MPS™ Sensitive Eyes™ wets your contact lenses perfectly. You will feel their benefit because your contact lenses will sit comfortably in your eye all day long.

The monthly pack with 360 ml, ReNu MPS™ Sensitive Eyes™ is ideal when you are travelling. With the matching contact lens case, your contact lenses are always in good hands. A firmly sealed in the case ensures that germs and bacteria cannot get to your contact lenses in the first place.

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