Perfect Aqua Plus All-in-One 100ml

All-in-one solution

 Perfect Aqua Plus All-in-One 100ml front view

Perfect Aqua Plus All-in-One 100ml All-in-one solution

The Perfect Aqua Plus Kombi solution from MPG&E combines all the care steps for hygienic cleaning and storage of your contact lenses in just one product. The handy 100ml bottle is used for daily cleaning as well as disinfection of soft contact lenses and is characterised by the combination of the active ingredients hyaluron, allantoin and bio-polydol 2.

Hyaluronate (salt of hyaluronic acid) contributes to the wetting of the cornea of the eye. It binds water and gradually releases it into the eye to consistently wet it and support the natural tear film. Dry eyes and the associated reddening of the eyes as well as a feeling of foreign bodies are counteracted in this way. Since the hyaluron storage of contact lenses is used up during wearing, it is necessary to store the lenses in a care product containing hyaluron.

The second active ingredient, allantoin, contributes to cell build-up and regeneration, which increases lens tolerance. Irritations of the eye are prevented and redness is balanced. In addition, allantoin also provides moisture to the cornea.

The third active ingredient, Bio-Polydol 2, is a further development of the preservative PHMB. It disinfects just as thoroughly as PHMB, but is characterised by a significantly higher tolerance.

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