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How do I order varifocals online?

Under the “glasses” menu you will find an overview of all the prescription glasses which can also be used with varifocal lenses. Please click on "Varifocal glasses" and only glasses suitable for varifocal lenses will be shown.

Then you can narrow your search with our convenient filters of brand, shape, colour, type and price.

When you find your favourite model, then simply click on the product and you will see the product page. You can choose from 2 options: “Frame with lenses“ or “Try on at home“.

If you choose to order glasses with lenses, then another menu will open. In this menu you can fill in your prescription details. With every menu you will also receive guidance from a small information text.

  1. Insert values: insert the values on your prescription (sphere, cylinder, axis, addition (ADD) )
  2. Choose your lenses: in this case "varifocals"
  3. Choose your type of lens
  4. Under choose a lens thickness the matching lens thickness for the values you have entered will be recommended. You can choose a different lens thickness or contact our customer service team if you need further assistance.
  5. Under choose a lens coating you can select the type of coating for your lenses – scratch-resistant, anti-reflective and easy-clean coatings come as standard at Mister Spex.
  6. Choose a tint in various percentages
  7. Choose a lens colour

Finish the customisation process by adding your varifocal glasses to your basket
Option page

Now you are in the overview page for your order. To confirm your order click on the “checkout“ button. If you are not already an existing Mister Spex customer, then please insert your specific details. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with you login details. Click “continue“ to move to the payment method section and finish placing your order by pressing “order“.

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* Sum of regular shop price for the frame and the recommended retail price (RRP) for two anti-reflective, scratch-resistant single vision plastic lenses (refraction index 1.5) no greater than sph. +6.0/-6.0 D; cyl. +2.0/-2.0 D.

** All frames include two anti-reflective, scratch-resistant single vision plastic lenses (refraction index 1.5) no greater than sph. +6.0/-6.0 D; cyl. +2.0/-2.0 D.

The crossed out prices without RRP are the standard prices at Mister Spex.