Back to the future: cool retro sunglasses from cult label Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban has been one of the leading glasses brands for decades, with a loyal and ever growing fanbase. What started out with purely functional intentions evolved into a huge success story, and nowadays the cult label offers a massive variety of prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Many Ray-Ban designs have been adopted by other labels, but the famous Ray-Ban logo on the lens or temples means the originals will always stand out. A small but illustrious group make up the most popular models: Aviator, Wayfarer, Clubmaster and a few others are regarded as timeless classics on the sunglasses scene. Let’s take a look at what makes each model special, and find out which one is best suited to you.


Aviator, Wayfarer and Co. – which Ray-Ban model suits you best?


The Aviator was the first Ray-Ban model on the market and, as its name suggests, it was inspired by the field of aviation. In the 1920s a US Air Force general approached Bausch & Lomb and asked them to develop a pair of glasses that would protect pilots’ eyes from the dazzling effects of the sun. A few years later Ray-Ban Aviator was born. Typical features include the teardrop-shaped lenses, double bridge and narrow metal frame.

Best suited to: oval and square faces.

Oval faces are very well balanced and most sunglasses look good on them. The one thing to bear in mind is that the teardrop-shaped glasses can make the face look longer than it really is. Aviator glasses have a softening effect on the angular features of square faces.

Wayfarer & New Wayfarer

The Wayfarer model hit the market in 1952. The trapezoidal-shaped frame is hard-wearing yet wonderfully laid back, and this model has made a huge impact on pop culture through its numerous appearances in film and on TV. The large plastic frame is instantly recognisable, and nowadays is available in various colours and with various patterns. The New Wayfarer is a bit smaller and lighter than the original and combines retro and modern elements. Its frame isn’t quite as front-heavy as the original Wayfarer.

Best suited to: oval, round and heart-shaped faces

Wayfarer glasses lend round faces more defined contours, while for heart-shaped faces New Wayfarers create a nice balance between the broad forehead and pointed chin.

Round Metal

Inspired by 1960s fashion, the Round Metal will sprinkle pure retro glitter on your look. The round lenses and narrow frame are discreet and elegant, while a gold or silver frame can add a sheen of glamour.

Best suited to: oval, square or heart-shaped faces.

The round rims soften the contours of square faces and create a nice balance between the forehead and chin of heart-shaped faces.


The Clubmaster has been on the market since the 1980s, but the look stretches back to the 1950s. The famous browline style is characterised by pronounced upper rims and discreet, narrow lower rims. The original Ray-Ban Clubmaster was available in black or tortoise shell pattern, but today a whole variety of colours are available.

Best suited to: oval, round and heart-shaped faces.

As with the Wayfarer model, the Clubmaster makes round faces appear longer. On heart-shaped faces the rounded corners of the frame soften the effect of the more pointed chin.


What do you get when you combine two of Ray-Ban’s most popular models? Answer: the Clubround, which takes the best of both the Clubmaster (pronounced browline) and Round Metal (round lenses) models.

Best suited to: oval, square and heart-shaped faces.

The Clubround has the same effect on square and heart-shaped faces as the Round Metal model: the round lenses have a softening effect on angular facial features and lend balance to heart-shaped faces.


The Ray-Ban Justin model is inspired by the original Wayfarer model. However, the lenses are more square-shaped and the frame even more striking. The model is also available with rubberised finish and half-transparent frames.

Best suited to: oval and round faces.

Just like the original Wayfarers, the striking frame and square lenses of the Justin model give the contours of round faces more definition.


The Erika model stands out, quite literally, due to its oversize look. The combination of high-quality plastic frame, metal temples and hip, keyhole-shaped bridge make sure the retro charm of these glasses is anchored very much in the here and now.

Best suited to: oval, square, round and heart-shaped faces.

With its curved edges, slightly extended narrow frame and large lenses that get narrower at the bottom, the Erika combines qualities that flatter any face type.

How to find the right size Ray-Ban sunglasses

Every face is different, and that also goes for size. Narrow faces require a smaller frame than wider faces to ensure an optimal fit. Taking this into account, Ray-Ban offers some of its models in three different sizes: Small, Standard and Large. For most people, the Standard model is fine. When you buy Ray-Ban sunglasses for the first time, you can easily determine the right size for you with a bank card. The card is roughly as wide as the standard lens-size. Hold the width of the card next to your nose.

A If the end of the card’s shorter side covers the outer corner of your eye, go for the Standard size.

B If the end of the card extends beyond your eye, choose the Small size.

C If the end of the card doesn’t reach the outer corner of your eye, go for the Large model.

Ray-Ban Größe

If you already have a pair of sunglasses, you can consult the measurements on the inner side of the temples. They’ll look something like this: 50-19-140.

  • The first number gives the width of the lenses in millimetres.
  • The second number gives the width of the bridge in millimetres.
  • The third number gives the length of the temples in millimetres.

You can also figure out the size of your glasses yourself. To learn how, click here:

Glasses size

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