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5 tips on how to avoid fogging up your lenses whilst wearing a face mask

Tip 1: Keep the mask's upper edge as tight as possible

The best way to do this is to press the temple of the mask firmly against the nasal bone and to wear your glasses over the mask - not under it. Homemade masks usually lack the temple to press on. Therefore: sew in a wire or use double sided tape.

Tip 2: Catch your breath that is going in the direction of your glasses with a paper towel

It is best to use one or two sheets of toilet paper, a handkerchief or a piece of kitchen paper. Fold the paper together so that it is about the width of your mask, then place the paper at the top of the inside of your mask and put the mask on normally.

Tip 3: Rub a small drop of hand soap or washing-up liquid on the lenses

Simply cover the inside of the lenses with it, leave it on the glasses for two minutes and then clean it again with a lint-free cloth (e.g. kitchen paper). You should use products that are not creamy and do not soften your hands as these would smear.

Tip 4: Wear your glasses further down your nose

The large space between your face and the glasses allows your breath to escape more easily. As the glasses do not then sit as intended and are therefore not optimally centred, this tip is only suitable for short periods of time. For example, for quick purchases or similar situations, but not for longer periods of time.

In an emergency - tip 5: Change to contact lenses

If these tricks are not enough, some may find it worthwhile to switch to contact lenses.

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