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Sunglasses for square faces at Mister Spex

If you're searching for the ultimate pair of sunglasses, Mister Spex is all you need. That's because Mister Spex has a large selection of mega-stylish sunglasses from top designer brands for every face shape, an online fitting tool, plus outstanding customer service. If your face is square, then read on to discover which sunglasses are best for you and how to make them yours. You'll soon be rocking chic sunglasses that perfectly flatter your unique features.

How do you know if your face is square?

Grab a mirror. If you have a strong, wide jawline and your face is proportional all around - meaning your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are all the same width - then you have a square face shape.

Tips for finding the perfect sunglasses

Because square-shaped faces are characterised by bold angles, your number one goal is to find sunglasses that add softness. To achieve this, opt for sunglasses which are round or oval, as they will balance out all the bold lines and angles of your face. Cat-eye sunglasses might also work (and they're very on-trend!) Another good bet if you have a square face is to go with neutral colours, which will further add softness. But be sure to avoid square and rectangle styles.

Top sunglasses for square faces at Mister Spex

Whether you are looking for something classy and chic or bold and strikingMister Spex has every option covered in an extensive online range. Many top picks for square face are from eyewear giant Ray-Ban, including the always-popular Aviator and Wayfarer styles. Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses are a lovely vintage-inspired style with rounded lenses that look great on square faces. You can also check out the beautiful, stylish sunglasses from designers like Calvin Klein, VOGUE Eyewear, Polaroid and many more that will perfectly suit square faces - all available from Mister Spex.

Try on sunglasses for square faces - from anywhere

Think you've found a great pair of sunglasses for your square face within the selection at Mister Spex? You can be certain you love them by using our online fitting tool. Just upload a photo of yourself, or take a new one with a webcam or smartphone, and start trying on different options. You'll soon know whether you have found sunglasses that balance out the angles of your square face to create the perfect look.

Order sunglasses for square faces from Mister Spex

It's easy to find sunglasses that look like they've been designed with you in mind at Mister Spex. Plus, you will love the qualityselection and expertise that Mister Spex provides. The benefits of ordering sunglasses online from Mister Spex include:

  • Free delivery and returns on all purchases

  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • Easy-to-use online fitting tool

  • Large selection of competitively priced, brand-name sunglasses

  • Friendly customer service to answer any questions

  • Many sunglasses can be fitted with your prescription

Experience the best way to shop for sunglasses online: order sunglasses that flatter square faces at Mister Spex.


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