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How it works

1. Start

To ensure the best possible results, we first need a few information from you

2. Set-up

Your computer and smartphone will be connected to easee. You will be guided step by step through the prescription check.

3. Prescription check

To ensure the quality of the result, your values are reviewed by a professional.

4. Prescription values

Your glasses or contact lenses prescription card will be added to your Mister Spex account within 15 minutes.

Online eye test

What you need


A smartphone and a computer or laptop


3 meters of space


A card in credit card format

Frequently asked questions

How trustworthy is the online prescription check?

To further validate the quality of the check, each result is carefully reviewed by a trained professional so that you receive accurate results. In addition, easee's technology was developed with the help of medical experts and is based on medical studies. For example, research by the University of Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) showed that the easee online prescription check was able to determine vision values with a high degree of accuracy - even though an online prescription check cannot be compared to an on-site test performed by an optician. The prescription check is officially categorised as a software medical device, the same as a CE Class 1 medical device. This means that you can rely on easee to deliver a professional prescription check. Furthermore, the company has recently introduced a quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 13485:2016, which has been certified by TUV.

Is the prescription check free?

If you start the prescription check via Mister Spex (you need a Mister Spex customer account), you do not have to pay for the prescription check. Mister Spex will cover the costs completely. If you start the prescription check on the easee website ( , the prescription check is €19. As a gesture of appreciation, easee offers vouchers for various online opticians - including Mister Spex.

I have already paid €19 on the easee website. Can I still do the prescription check for free through Mister Spex?

Please contact our customer service to initiate the refund.

I am asked for a password in order to start the prescription check. I have never set a password with easee. What should I do?

If you start the process through Mister Spex, you will be registered with easee via your Mister Spex account and you don't have to create a password to start.
Since easee processes medical data (e.g. prescription values), for security reasons your profile at easee is protected with a randomly generated password (≠Mister Spex password), which you can subsequently change at any time via

Can anyone take the online prescription check?

The easee online prescription test is intended for individuals between the age of 18 and 45 with the following common refractive errors: myopia (-10.00 dpt. to +10.00 dpt.) and astigmatism/callosity (cylinder -6 dpt. to +6.00 dpt.). For contact lens wearers there are no restrictions in the range of vision. The test is not suitable for those with certain comorbidities, presbyopia and amblyopia. By means of a simple health questionnaire, we ensure that you can take part in our test.

How long does the online prescription check take?

It takes somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes to complete the prescription check.

Can the online prescription check be performed at any time of day?

Yes, the online prescription check can be performed at any time - as long as you or your eyes are not overly tired. If you are taking the prescription check in the evening, please ensure that the room is adequately lit.

Can I measure my pupillary distance (PD)?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Please contact Mister Spex customer service for more information.

How can I be sure that I will not make any mistakes during the process?

The results of your online prescription check are always reviewed and validated by trained professional. If there are inconsistent results due to errors, you will be notified that you will not be issued a glasses or contact lenses prescription values.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the result?

The results of your online prescription check are always reviewed and validated by trained professional. If there are inconsistent results due to errors, you will unfortunately not be issued a glasses or contacts lenses prescription values and you will be notified accordingly. In order to check your prescription in the most effective manner, it is important that you follow the instructions below:

  • Maintain the 3 metre distance away from your screen
  • Ensure adequate lighting of the rooms
  • Avoid tilted head and body posture
  • Follow the instructions and take note of any questions that might arise during the process.
  • Do not provide false information

How often should I have my prescription checked?

You need to have your prescription checked at least once every two years. If you noticed a change of your vision in between, we advise you to have your prescription checked.

Can eye diseases be detected?

No, we only issue a validated glasses or contact lenses prescription values. Should you have any concerns or questions about the health of your eyes, we advise you to consult a doctor or optometrist.

Why does the prescription check cost €19 on the easee website?

Normally, the online prescription check from easee costs €19. If you decide to take the online prescription check on as a Mister Spex customer, we will cover the costs for you. This means that the prescription check is free of charge.

To start the online prescription check, first complete our short questionnaire. This is how we determine whether you are eligible to take the online prescription check. You will then be redirected to the starting page of the prescription check on

What is the connection between Mister Spex and easee?

Mister Spex and easee are two separate companies. We collaborate with our partner easee to offer the online prescription check to Mister Spex customers free of charge. The prescription check was developed by easee.

Further questions?

Our opticians in customer service will be happy to advise you.

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Saturday from 8am - 1pm

Drop us a line:

You are also more than welcome to visit our help section, where we have compiled a great range of information for you.

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