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Ray-Ban online shop at Mister Spex - Discover the diversity of a cult brand

At Mister Spex, you'll find a huge selection from the world's No. 1 eyewear brand - Ray-Ban. Founded in 1937, the Ray-Ban brand sets the trends and standards for today's sunglasses and prescription eyewear sector. Undeniably one of the world's 'coolest' brands, it's little wonder that Ray-Ban is seen as the "mother of all Eyewear".

The Ray Ban brand is timeless and it appeals to every age group. Creative, communicative, optimistic, stylish and cosmopolitan, the unique frame styles inspire optics fans around the globe. Discover the diversity of the Ray Ban range at Mister Spex where you can find your perfect match in sunglasses or prescription glasses in just a few clicks:

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All Ray Ban glasses

Ray Ban glasses for women

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Your advantages with Mister Spex - Top Service & Low Prices

Order your Ray-Ban prescription glasses or sunglasses at Europe's favourite online optician: always at the best prices and with excellent service advantages:

- Entire Ray-Ban range at low prices

- Free delivery from £29

- Free return within 30 days

- 3D fitting thanks to advanced technology

- Free single-vision lenses with UV filters and super anti-reflective coating

See the most popular Ray-Ban styles quickly and easily at the Mister Spex online store. Receive four glasses free of charge to try in your own home for a full ten days. Then return all four pairs of glasses - also free of charge - indicating your choice and any correction values. Try our sunglasses before ordering; our virtual 3-D technology allows you to select exactly the right style for your face shape using a current photo.

The Ray-Ban range at Mister Spex - Aviator, Wayfarer and more

At Mister Spex you can find the complete range from the world's most famous eyewear brand: Ray-Ban. The brand is especially known for its classic retro-style sunglasses like the Wayfarer, Clubmaster or Aviator. However, you'll also find a wide range of modern designs from the world-renowned manufacturer such as the New Wayfarer or Andy. Numerous different frame shapes and a wide range of lens colours make it easy for everyone to find sunglasses that fit their personal style. Most models are also available with prescription lenses and progressive lenses.

Enjoy all of Ray-Ban's fashionable features in prescription spectacles - whether you want frameless, half-frame, or full-frame or whether you prefer narrow, round or square glasses. The brand offers frames made from high-quality materials to appeal to all tastes including Original Wayfarer Eyewear & New Wayfarer glasses and the new Clubround styles. And the best part: Free lenses with super anti-reflective coating and UV filters are included in your order.

Other Ray-Ban Lines we stock include:

Ray-Ban: a success story

The success of the Ray-Ban brand began in the 1920s. Aircraft could fly higher and higher and there was an increase in complaints from pilots who were blinded by the sun's glare. An American Lieutenant General, John MacCready, commissioned Bausch & Lomb, a manufacturer of medical products, to develop glare-reducing goggles for pilots. The first prototype sunglasses didn't come on to the market until 1936 and in 1937, Bausch & Lomb finally logged a patent for the Ray-Ban Aviator. Incidentally, Ray-Ban translated as radiation protection. More styles were developed for the commercial market and gradually, sunglasses became a popular accessory. No longer only for pilots - policemen, fishermen, hunters, and recreational athletes were all discovering the practical benefits of sunglasses for themselves.

In the 1950s, Ray-Ban developed the ever-popular Wayfarer model and its clean lines soon made it popular with celebrities, artists, and musicians. Thanks to Hollywood, the Ray-Ban trend made its way into domestic living rooms and styles like the Wayfarer and Aviator became the must-have accessory for fashion conscious men and women. The trend continued to grow in the 1960s as more people had access to televisions and fashion began to play an increasingly important role in everyday life. By 1969, Bausch & Lomb was the world market leader and its collection had been massively extended.

The brand reached even giddier heights during the 1970s. It focussed as much on athletes as the fashion world and design and functionality now play an equal role. In 1974 the first photochromic lenses that darken automatically when exposed to sunlight were used. This new feature was of particular interest to athletes who benefitted from the best vision in changing light conditions.

In the 1980s, Ray-Ban is still on course for success. The sunglasses were seen in popular movies like Blues Brothers and Top Gun and in television series like Miami Vice. Stars like Michael Jackson were wearing Ray-Ban - helping the brand achieve even greater popularity. Models such as the Clubmaster use elements that channel the 1950s to offer a distinctive look.

In 1999, Bausch & Lomb sold its Ray-Ban subsidiary to the Luxottica Group. This leads the brand in a new direction and it successfully extends its range of eyeglasses to include Junior glasses. Timeless classics such as the Wayfarer, Aviator, and Clubmaster are also experiencing a comeback - a combination of the latest technology, the best materials, and retro-design features make them popular with customers.

Order your favourite Ray-Ban styles at Mister Spex

Explore our extensive selection of Ray-Ban styles and order your favourite glasses and sunglasses styles at Mister Spex. Whether one of the cult sunglasses like Wayfarer, Aviator or Clubmaster appeals to you or whether you want modern prescription glasses for men, women or children, you're sure to find the right styles in our online store. Free High-quality, anti-reflective single-vision lenses are also included in the price and shipping is fast and free. Plus, our 30-day return policy allows you to order without risk. Order now from the Ray Ban online store at Mister Spex.

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