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What Values Do I Need to Purchase Prescription Glasses?

In order to apply your individual corrective values, we require your current prescription. This can be taken from your prescription for the right and left eye respectively. It is important that your values are not older than...

What Values Do I Need to Purchase Contact Lenses?

When purchasing contact lenses, we require your current correction values. You will find these on your old contact lens package. It is important that your values are not older than 1 year, as your eyesight can change...

How Do I Select the Right Frame Size?

If you already own glasses that fit you well, this can be very helpful when choosing new frames. However, if you should need a little extra assistance, we have developed a new search function that helps you find frames of the same or similar frame width. You can find the...

How Do I Find Out What my Pupillary Distance Is?

Should your pupillary distance not on be on your prescription, this isn’t a problem! They can be determined quickly and easily. Select one of the following two options: 1. You can e-mail us a front-facing photograph of your face and we...

How it works: Buying varifocal glasses lenses online

1. Try-on online: Try our varifocal glasses on in 3D using your webcam and decide on up to four favorites. 2. Try-on at home: We will send your four favorite frames to your home, free of charge. This way you can decide...

Here's how it works: Computer glasses online

1. Virtual try on: By using your webcam, try out computer glasses online in 3D and choose up to four favourite frames…

How Do I Order Contact Lenses Online?

1. Select contact lenses: If you already wear contact lenses, you can use the search filter to find your lenses quickly and easily. 2. Input correction values: Input your values on the product view page and select a pack size. Afterwards, place the...

How Do I Order Prescription Sunglasses Online?

1. Use the filter: Filter "Prescription Sunglasses” to find the right model. 2. Try on online: Try on sunglasses in 3D using your webcam or with a photo. Click on "Buy with prescription", in order...

Will My Glasses Come with a Case?

Yes! Assuming the manufacturer provides one, you will receive a high-quality case with your purchase, as well as a cleaning cloth free of charge. The glasses/sunglasses case will match the selected brand...

Can I Order Prescription Free Glasses?

Of course! Glasses are hot fashion accessories and can be ordered easily with Plano lenses (prescription free lenses). Simply enter "0.00" and respectively "0°" as values for sphere, cylinder and axis. Pupil distance is not required for...

Does Mister Spex Do Reading Glasses?

You bet we do! To order reading glasses, you follow the same procedure as with simple single-strength lenses. Any pair of glasses can be made into reading glasses, all you need to do is select a pair and input of your required strength.

TrueLens & Branded lenses

With TrueLens, we have been successfully offering our customers Mister Spex's own brand of contact lenses for some time. These lenses are as high quality as other certain branded lenses, differ only in name and packaging...

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