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Geek Glasses

Geek glasses

In 2015 the nerd look has nothing to do with geekiness. Nerd glasses are now one of the hottest trends!

For some people glasses still evoke an uneasy feeling. Nerd glasses in particular make us think of our school days, the teachers' pets and geeky kids. But what was once the object of laughter, is now a cult classic! In clubs, on the high street and in Hollywood, 2015 is the year of the nerd and of nerd glasses!

But what is a nerd anyway? When we hear “nerd” we think of the quiet kids, the bookworms, and loners. The kids who were into science, mathematics, computers. The word comes from the USA, and was made popular in the 70s by the classic TV show “Happy Days”. What started off an insult was soon used as a positive statement, something certain groups could identify with. Nerd characters also appeared in comics, films and computer games. But what is a nerd? Maybe it's just someone who's different, has different interests – who others find strange or boring because s/he doesn't try to fit in.

While people might have been embarrassed about their horn-rimmed geek glasses in the 60s and 70s, today they have a retro appeal. The ultimate nerd accessory is, however, no passing trend. Geek glasses are an absolute style classic. The godfather of nerd glasses has to be cult film maker Woody Allen, who has sported horn-rimmed glasses for for 50 years. And his trademark look has inspired stars as diverse as Johnny Depp, Hilary Duff and Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas.

The main feature of geek glasses in 2015 is oversized frames, which give the wearer a striking, extravagant look. Typically the frames are black, although this season, especially, coloured frames are a stylish alternative.

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