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Polarised sports glasses: improved visibility on the water and on the slopes

Polarised sports glasses have been well-known to water sports enthusiasts for a long time. They appreciate their advantages: polarised sports glasses reduce reflections, enhance contrasts and protect the eyes from sunlight. They are true multi-talents. Today many athletes wear sunglasses with polarised lenses. Cyclists and inline skaters see better in the rain, skiers and snowboarders move more safely in the snow and anglers and hikers protect their eyes from UV light. Discover polarised sports glasses suitable for your activity and style your outfit by trying them out online at Mister Spex.

What is special about polarised sports glasses?

Polarising filters are used in glasses, displays, photo lenses and many scientific fields. The filters for polarised sports glasses reduce reflections of the sun on surfaces such as water, glass or metal. They filter light rays with a certain angle of incidence and reflection out of the spectrum. In addition, good sports glasses have a sufficient UV filter to prevent eye damage.

Which sports are polarised sports glasses used for?

Water sports enthusiasts particularly benefit from polarised sports glasses. Sailors recognise structures under water better when approaching reefs, as light reflections on the water surface are compensated by the glasses. Polarised sports glasses have long been familiar to anglers as fishing glasses. When the sun hits the water at an angle, polarised sports glasses help to see the movements of the fish in the water. Polarised sports glasses are also worth their weight in gold for skiers and snowboarders. With them, you perceive contrasts better and therefore move more safely on the slopes.

Which UV protection should polarised sports glasses have?

For outdoor sports in particular, good UV protection is important. By the way, it does not depend on the intensity of the tint of the lenses. The UV filters are inserted into the lenses in addition to the tint. A filter with a UV protection value of 400 filters the radiation of wavelengths up to 400 nanometres out of the light spectrum.

How does the virtual fitting work with Mister Spex?

Polarised sports glasses are practical and very much in fashion. With the virtual fitting at Mister Spex you can try out different models immediately online. Upload a photo or take a picture with your webcam. This way you can try on different polarised sports glasses on the road or in a café. You can share the virtual fitting photos with friends via Facebook and see immediately which models go down best.

Which other advantages does Mister Spex offer?

Have you already found your polarised sunglasses? Discover the advantages of Mister Spex:

  • Browse through a large selection of over 3,000 glasses, sunglasses and sports glasses.

  • The fast shipping is free, as well as the return shipment.

  • The virtual fitting is quick and easy.

A relaxed time on the water or on the slope is no longer an obstacle.


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