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Astigmatism contact lenses: correct your vision at affordable prices

Is your vision blurred? Then try our toric contact lenses. Astigmatism is easily overcome with the right contact lenses, and the Mister Spex team of opticians ensures that your toric contact lenses are designed with your eyes in mind. Browse our selection of toric contact lenses today and see the world more clearly than ever before!

Overcome astigmatism with toric contact lenses – how Toric lenses work

What exactly are toric contact lenses?

Toric lenses are suited to correct far-sighted or near-sighted astigmatism. Having an astigmatism means that your cornea has an irregular or toric curvature. This optical defect leads to blurred vision, as the eye cannot focus the outgoing light rays of the observed object into one point on the retina, preventing the creation of a sharp image. Fortunately, this defect can be corrected by lenses for astigmatism.

What causes an astigmatism?

Several light refracting media of the eyeball may be involved in the creation of an astigmatism. In most cases it is the cornea, which isn’t completely circular but instead curved torically. This difference of the degree of curvature leads to different refractive powers of the meridians. When the meridians are perpendicular, one speaks of a regular astigmatism – this is the most common type of astigmatism. In the case that the principal meridians are not perpendicular, this is referred to as an irregular astigmatism.

What are the symptoms of an astigmatism?

You might suffer from an astigmatism, if you perceive objects as distorted or blurry. Furthermore, you might experience eyestrain, headaches, eye discomfort or squinting in order to see things clearer. These symptoms do not necessarily mean you have an astigmatism, as they might also be caused by other visual impairments. However, in this case we do strongly recommend you visit an ophthalmologist or optician for an eye exam.

How do toric lenses correct the astigmatism?

Contact lenses for astigmatism compensate the curvature of the cornea and thus enable clear vision without distortions or blurriness. An important factor for ideally correcting the curvature is the stable position of the lens on the eye. This is ensured by several systems, such as stabilizing zones or different distributions of thickness throughout the lens, like applied by Biomedics. In response, a torically (cylindrically) curved film of tears is formed between the lens and the cornea, compensating the refractive power of the eye.

During the individual manufacturing of toric lenses not only the diopter value is important, but also the axis and cylinder values of the astigmatism. It is very important that you visit an ophthalmologist or an optician to get an eye exam and to receive these values and most importantly to prevent eye damage from choosing the wrong toric lens for your needs.

Is there a difference between toric contact lenses and contact lenses for astigmatism?

No – both terms refer to the same type of contact lens.

Get toric contact lenses with your precise prescription

Because each person's astigmatism is different, your toric contact lenses need to be made with your specific needs in mind - and that's precisely what our opticians do. In contrast to other types of prescription lenses, toric contact lenses are crafted using not just your dioptric values, but also with your axis and cylinder values. All you have to do is provide us with your values when placing your order for toric contact lenses - or let our opticians know that you'd like to discuss your prescription with them - and they'll contact you once your order for lenses has been placed.

If your sight is affected by astigmatism, then Mister Spex is just the right online shop for you when it comes to toric lenses. We have a wide variety of name-brand toric contact lenses to choose from, so no matter what your preferences or needs, we've got you covered. You can also find toric contact lenses to suit your usage requirements including daily, weekly or monthly contact lenses. Take a look at some of the other benefits of ordering your toric contact lenses from Mister Spex:

  • Free delivery on all orders for lenses and glasses over £29.00

  • 30-day returns policy

  • Free service hotline to get immediate telephone answers to your questions about toric contact lenses

Whether you suffer from longsighted or shortsighted astigmatism, our selection of toric lenses provides the help you need to correct your astigmatism and to see the world clearly. Order your contact lenses today, and save with our attractive prices!


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