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Find the right multifocal contact lenses at Mister Spex

As we age our eyesight naturally changes, and having the right contact lenses can make the world of difference as we get on in years. But what exactly changes as we get older - and how can multifocal contact lenses help? Read on to find out!

What is presbyopia and how is it corrected?

Presbyopia is a natural process that eventually affects nearly everyone, particularly once you're over 40. It is caused by a slow reduction in the elasticity of the ocular lens, which in turn results in the eye no longer being able to adjust to various distances. Suddenly you notice that things that are close up are not as sharp as they used to be, for example while reading or writing. If this effect is caused only by presbyopia and not by other conditions, it's easy to correct with reading glasses. Of course, with multifocal contact lenses you don't need to wear frames and can simply enjoy improved eyesight with your contacts in.

If you're already shortsighted, then you'll notice presbyopia when things close up also become more difficult to see sharply. In this case the condition is also caused by a loss of elasticity in your ocular lens, and a new pair of multifocal contact lenses will help remedy the situation.

Who should wear multifocal lenses and how do they work?

If you're shortsighted and presbyopia sets in, then progressive contact lenses such as the multifocal contact lenses available in our online store are ideal for you. When you wear prescription glasses, they correct your eyesight because of the distance between your eye and the lens, which slightly changes how you perceive reality. However, with multifocal contact lenses which sit directly on your eye, the lenses move with your eye and give you the same level of sharpness, no matter which way you look. This is particularly useful if you play sport or enjoy other outdoor activities and want to avoid wearing your prescription glasses.

Of course, deciding which multifocal contact lenses are the right ones for you should always be done in consultation with your optician to ensure you get the contact lenses that will give you the highest levels of vision and comfort. It is very important to do this because if you don't have the right lenses, your eyesight might deteriorate rather than improving.

Reap the benefits of shopping for contact lenses online at Mister Spex

When you buy multifocal contact lenses at Mister Spex, you can choose between daily contact lenses, contact lenses you can use for up to 14 days, and monthly lenses, giving you the flexibility your schedule and lifestyle demand. You can also opt for our day and night contact lenses, which you don't have to take out before going to sleep.

No matter what type of contact lenses you choose, when you order from Mister Spex, in addition to high-quality lenses you also get:

  • Excellent prices on our entire selection of multifocal contact lenses

  • Great customer service any time you need it

  • Free delivery (orders must be for more than £29.00)

  • 30-day returns policy

If you're feeling the effects of time, then our multifocal contact lenses are just what the doctor ordered. Browse our selection today; your eyes will thank you!


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